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I know why your health sucks:)
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Posted 12:55 PM Tue 8 February 2011

I am a practicing doctor who sees patients 6 days a week and I understand what it takes to get a person well. I've tried numerous supplement companies that have actually been pretty good, but some that have given lousy results. From my experience at watching other network marketing companies, they all offer some awesome new "Anti-oxodant' product that is going to save the day in terms of the latest and greatest on the market. I believe there are some pretty good products out there, but there are definetly some lousy, waste-of-time products that have ingredients that just don't make sense.

Most if not all of these supplements are missing the boat when it comes to health. If you want to make a difference, truly make a difference in someone's life in this 21st Century, you have to address the health problems all the way down to the cellular level. When I talk cellular level, I mean the mitochondria within each of your trillion cells all over your body.

There is a reason your new anti-oxidant just isn't performing like it once did. It does attack free-radical production, and oxidative stress, but it doesn't produce the ENERGY your body needs to survive and re-gain it's health back.

I promote a product, and opportunity, an investment that can literally change a person's life overnight and addresses today's health care problems right down to the cellular level. If you want to truly make a difference, gain respect, an earn some handsome money doing it, reply to me and I will get you started. (