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(exhale) Finally!!! I found it!!
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Posted 2:09 PM Wed 6 January 2010


Get in and Hang on


Get ready to be exposed to one of the most dynamic and lucrative compensation plans on the Internet Today! The Good News is you won't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out! This is a simple 2x2 Follow Me Matrix that generates crazy amounts of income for YOU. We don't have several boards you have to jump across or fill up to make money!

  • First Time in History an existing established company with a strong track record has created a 2x2 Matrix.
  • First time a new matrix program has not been part of a new start up company. Instead it is an addition to a company that has longevity and already proven to be a leader at creating wealth in others.
  • First time in history the owner of the matrix program designed with the member's best interest in the forefront.
  • No more games, you now have the ability to cycle and get paid weekly, every week, either through paper check, direct deposit, or e-wallet.

It's so SIMPLE to understand!
  • Step 1 - You Make a Onetime Purchase of $299 to join
    $269 will go to purchase your amazing Products
    $30 will go to the admin fee
    (No Reccurring Monthly Fees!)
    Total Purchase Price = $299
  • Step 2 - All You Have to Do Is Find 2 People That Find 2 People and Cha Ching You Get Paid $777!!
    Each Time You Find 2 People that Find 2 People this is what we call a "Cycle"! Each time YOU "Cycle" you earn a WHOPPING...$777
    After You Cycle by Finding 2 People that Find 2 people you will automatically be entered immediately back into a new matrix. Best of All it doesn't come out of your pocket!

I Want More Information

Here is a closer look at how it works:

Compensation Plan

When This Happens You Cycle!!

Let's Look At the Numbers
$269 x 4 = $1076 commission from bottom 4 of Matrix
- $269 Re-entry into the Matrix
- $30 Admin Fee
Total Commission Paid To YOU = $777

Where else can you make a onetime purchase of $299 and earn a commission of $777?? Nowhere!

Keep in Mind that Anyone Who Joins Your Team will ALWAYS Follow YOU!
This is a Follow Me matrix!

Imagine for a second having a business that you can run from the comfort of your own home that spits out payments of $777 over and over again. Your income potential is unlimited with the power of the LGN Prosperity Compensation Plan!

You can cycle quickly unlike many programs which make you jump through hoops to receive the big payday, you now have the ability to cycle and earn $777 weekly daily and multiple times daily! Starting your very first week! Get paid weekly!

I Want More Information


Contact Information

Tom Potvin

(952) 200-5348

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