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More Backlinks = More Traffic = More Sales
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Posted 9:44 AM Wed 19 January 2011

Ever wanted to generate more SALES with little effort. Well the best way is to boost your Google PageRank by getting backlinks to your site, but contacting webmasters one at a time is time consuming. You can go to forums and bulletins boards and post them yourself. Again, time consuming and not really worth the effort.

Wholesale Backlinks has the answer for you and your business. By using the industry's most powerful backlinking software we can generate thousands of HIGH Quality backlinks to your chosen site. We add your URL and anchor text to websites, bulletin boards and forums and you will see an explosion of traffic as your site features higher and higher in the Saecrh Engines for your chosen keyword/anchor.

Don't be misled by claims of other software 'robots' ... yes, some of them are ok, but ours is so damn powerful it needs its own server !!! We supply a full listing of all the sites where your link appears and 95% of the time we over deliver on the number of links by 10-15% (we just don't stop it quick enough!!)


ps. Everyone that orders gets a FREE link from our site to theirs (... every little helps!!)

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Posted 10:32 AM Wed 19 January 2011
$300 bucks just for a list of backlinks?
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Posted 11:05 AM Wed 19 January 2011
No - the links will be built and delivered ... + a report.

The $297 Special Offer to which you refer is a saving on our usual price of $361 (when ordered individually).

For $297 you get 20,000 PR0 Backlinks ($177 value), 1000 x PR3 Backlinks ($87 value) and 5000 Interlinked Backlinks ($127 value)

ALL links will be anchored on whichever type of site you choose.
Our most popular package is 1000 x PR3 backlinks for $87 but the 5000 Interlinked Package (similar to linkwheeling) at $127 is proving a hit too.

So no, not just a list.