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[User Deleted]
Posted 1:08 AM Sat 15 January 2011

I just was wondering if you can give me a little help. Nothing major, I just need your feedback on a new venture I am launching now. I just started and I can use some honest feedback. It won’t take much from you… I have a simple video and website I would like your trustworthy response to.

If you have any questions ahead of time or just want to make sure this really came from me… contact via SKYPE - online.biz1 or

This is set up by invitation only so you will need an invitation id to access the site.
Click this link:
Use this id: tetyana

or go to

There are several videos there and feel free to browse around the page. Keep mental note of your reaction and thoughts then let me know what you think. That will be a great help to me. I really want to approach this properly before I promote this to others.

Thanks for your help and feedback and I look forward to your response.



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Posted 6:36 AM Tue 18 January 2011

What Is Site Id ?

This post has been deleted.
[User Deleted]
Posted 7:54 PM Tue 18 January 2011
it is - Tetyana.
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Posted 4:34 AM Tue 1 February 2011
Just joined using your i.d: Need to explore what it is about.
If you have anything in summary about the site. you can mail me on

[User Deleted]
Posted 8:31 PM Tue 1 February 2011

Here it is :)
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