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BITBAY India - Money Making Website
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Posted 6:48 AM Mon 21 September 2020

Hi Friends Here is something interesting for you guys. I came to know about a new money-making website. The website seems legit from my research, and it'll give a nice passive income without having to do much.

Here's how it work, you initially invest money(min $50 or ₹4000, supports UPI payment), and then you'll get 3% of the invested capital daily(Mon to Fri) for six months. I've invested $50, and I'm getting $1.5 daily. But there’s more. Referral income(the reason why I’m posting it here) When someone joins using your link we’ll get 5% of the amount they invested. And when they refer others, you’ll again get some money( this is multilevel marketing ). So totally, there are Three Level of Income 1 Daily Returns 3% of Investment 2 Direct Referal 5% Of Investment of new member 3 Binary Income 10 % Of Total Business Volume made by Right and left side These three are three streams of Return of Investment in Bit Bay. Withdrawing- we can withdraw directly to our account I have been using this for a while and so far they’re giving returns as promised. You can check the website and do your research before investing. But this is one of the best beer money site I’ve ever seen. If you’d like to try this, please consider using my referral link(Hope this is not against the rules): UPDATE: The BitBay account opening and investment process. Please read this and see the screenshots: After creating the account and then logging in, first, go to “DEPOSIT THROUGH INR” Enter the amount(4000, 8000, etc.) and then on the next page use UPI Id or QR code to pay through UPI. After completing the payment enter the UPI transaction id in the UTR number field and finish. Now the amount is successfully added in your wallet. But there is one more step, which most of the guys used the link from the post and invested money wasn’t aware of. Now you need to go to the “MAKE INVESTMENT” page. From there enter your user id and then select the package - 50$, 100$, depending on the money you’ve in your account.(4000=50$) You won’t get daily income without doing this step. Also, I would like to share my experience so far. I joined and made the investment on Aug 22nd. As of now I got 45$ and I withdrew most of it to my account. Proof- My account: friend’s account(he added me): Withdrawing is easy and pretty fast. Also, the daily income and referral money is added accurately. Referral link: Please DM if you’ve any doubts or need help.
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Posted 3:55 PM Sat 17 October 2020

Hello, guys! Thank you for sharing this link. I wonder, if it really works. Maybe someone already tried? I`m using instaforex review for earning, it brings me money from some trading operations.At least, I know that I don`t risk anything.