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Preserving your Wealth thru Silver and Gold
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Posted 3:21 PM Wed 31 October 2018

Hello to everyone. I am a member of company whose mission is to present a savings program that will show how to save in the real money of silver and gold, and offers 5 ways to earn an income from these precious metals as well. With our Auto-Savers program, people can preserve their wealth thru the accumulation of graded silver coins from any of our three membership levels.

At the basic level a person will receiving 1 graded world silver coin, at the plus level a person will receiving 1 graded world silver coin and 1 graded american eagle coin, and at the elite level a person will receiving 1 graded world silver coin and 2 graded american silver eagle coins. The grading of MS70 is the highest given, signifying these coins are of "Mint Prefect," quality.

For those who desire to expand into the business opportunity; they can gain income from retail customers purchases at their established website, any fast income from membership sales that are made, matching percentage bonuses from team building, daily cycling incomes from $20-$12,000, and a new residual income that would be established from the moment you join for as long as you are active in the company.

It does not conflict with any other companies, and gives you the opportunity to convert your fiat money into a real tangible asset that you will have in your possession.

I would like to offer a free gift for everyone who takes our tour, and learns more about the program.