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Glyconutrition Why They Work
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Posted 3:02 PM Sun 27 May 2018

Most people have no idea what glyconutrients are, but it’s a rapidly emerging category of nutrition that is literally revolutionizing science today. More importantly, thousands of people all over the world are experiencing new found heights in their own health by incorporating glyconutrients into their diets. I’m one of them.

Here’s how it works:... On the surface of our cells, certain sugar structures, known as glycoproteins, exist and are necessary for the proper recognition and functioning of most of our cells. Of the 200 sugars that naturally occur in nature, our cells use eight of them (glyconutrients) to make and maintain these glycoproteins. When these sugars are missing, bad things can happen, because our cells don’t have everything they need to communicate correctly.

For example, immune cells read the cell-surface structures on other cells to determine if they are healthy need repair or need to be destroyed. If your cells don’t have what they need to communicate correctly, then they won’t function at their best.

Mannatech, the company I’m associated with, was the first company to develop a dietary supplement containing plant sources of the eight sugars (or their precursors) required by our cells to make glycoproteins. The products they’ve created based on this technology have had a really profound effect on my life/

Want to know more go to the website, watch the short video