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She Made $6500 In The First 12 Days...
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Posted 2:19 PM Wed 25 April 2018

I am on a mission to help people become healthier by offering a more natural alternative to combat their health issues and in the process also help them achieve the lifestyle they have always dreamed of living.

I knew the only way to make all this happen was to pay a coach. I found Robert Hollis, did my research on him and started paying him to coach me.

While I was going through his training his wife, Teri came to him and said, “Robert I need you to find a company and show me how to do this business.” Robert not ever wanting to disappoint his wife came out of retirement to help his beloved wife.

In the first 12 days he helped his wife hit the $25k position in the company and I watched all this happen!

The next thing that happened that blew me away was, as Robert was helping his wife another coaching client of his, Meladee Ryba, hit the $5k position in 8 days and the $10k position in 12 days. Teri got a check for $6500 that week and Meladee got a check for $3k and listen to this…

Meladee’s first 2 checks were more than double Teri’s. LOL

This is the kind of momentum we have going on.

The Robert Hollis Marketing System works!

So, if your open to learning more, CLICK HERE so you can take a FREE tour, no obligation, just put your name and email in and watch the first video.