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Posted 5:54 AM Mon 2 May 2016
1. In other advertising projects you can promote your ads only to members of these projects. In Website2share it will be completely different. You can promote your ads to people all over the world and who will see your ads on those websites that are interesting for them.
2. There's nothing like the Website2share idea .. You can have your ads for a small price of $1 - $10 on the most popular, the most read, top viewed websites like CNN, BBC, Youtube for example. This all will be possible with Website2share. You'll love it ! The best of all is that you could be from the US and people from, for example India, will see your ads in their local and most popular news sites.
3. You'll be able to offer your advertising indirectly, hidden in for example news, that people like and don't hesitate in opening and give it a like or share. People don't like to receive advertising on their timeline for example in Facebook. With Website2share this will be no problem any more.
4. Your ads will be shared by other members all over the world and can be targeted to any country you want.
5. Some people have nothing to promote or have problems to promote. With Website2share they can very easily promote their referral link and build an organization for the first time.
6. You will be able to promote in more unique ways in a few weeks after the full launch. We have prepared new features and new ways of promoting. We will not stand in one place. We want to create the best and most unique advertising platform for you.
7. The average price for a single view of your advertisement will cost $0.01 (In case you have purchased advertising for $10). No matter how many people will be registered and active in Website2share. The number will be even lower, because it is not counted the display of your ads on Website2share website and sharing your ads with any website you want too. It can be many more views.
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Posted 1:42 AM Thu 12 May 2016

A couple o months ago, I bumped into a business blog on gold by chance. Sadly, the link disappeared later, but the articlew and interviews on how to start up a gold business I read there were very objective.
Just yeasterday, I ran into the same link again ( ). It might be interesting for some of you. If online gold shop brought success to people in the street, it might also bring it to you, who knows.