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Perfect Business, Perfect System, No Obligations
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Posted 11:05 PM Wed 9 March 2016

Atomy America Inc.

Before you decide to leave this page, which many of you probably will, I will tell you that the next 10~15 minutes you invest to find out more about this company could change your life. I hope that you do not overlook this opportunity and actually do your own research to find a single reason not to try it out.


For those of you who are simply just not ready to read on, here are some big facts of why Atomy is different from other Network Marketing companies:

- NO enrollment/registration fee

- NO annual fee or any kind of fee to maintain membership

- NO monthly quotas/requirements (you are never pressured to purchase anything; if you need it buy it at your own will) – to maintain membership you just need to purchase one item per year just to let the company know that you are not idle

- NO investments – just your passion and spare time!

- World-best quality products that everyone uses and needs assured by very reliable institutions at the cheapest prices (even though you may be skeptical, just assume for an instance that this is true. Then what reason can there be to not try these products?)

- Points for daily products (products that everyone needs; toiletries, cosmetics and so forth) that you and your referred members purchase which results in commission

- The income is a residual income. You do not have to work for the income once you have everything in place and this is made possible because of the quality and price of the products. The prestigious quality and affordable price bring the consumers come back to re-purchase the products repeatedly. This eventually creates a virtuous cycle where you do not have to work for your income

- Company sales have grown every year by average of 50% and it is estimated to increase by 100% for this year and next year (such numbers are just off the charts compared to other companies). The company sales is actually expanding too fast so it is being moderated by delaying the listing of new products.

- We do not carry samples to minimize the costs but also guarantee a 100% refund on any product! Just give our products a try and if you don’t like it, simply return it

- Atomy presents the lowest return rate of just 0.24% among the top 5 companies in the same line of business in Korea and most of these returns are due to misplaced orders


Hopefully, some of these facts have stirred up your interest and made you curious to find out more about Atomy. Landing a job could be a very critical, life-changing event. Before you decide that you do or do not want to join Atomy, you should at least invest 10 minutes to find out about the company background and how it works.


1. About Atomy

Atomy is NOT a network sales company but a distribution company. Simply put, it is an internet shopping mall like Amazon where you register to purchase products just that you receive points for every purchase that you and your partners make. You do not need to sell any products to anyone and your income will not come from those sales. Simply let your friends and family try Atomy products and if they like it, then help them become a member. Atomy will help people maintain their health and beauty, become financially free and also become free time-wise because eventually, after a certain point, you won’t have to work to receive your income.


Atomy is a global network marketing distributor. Founded in Korea on June of 2009, Atomy now has corporate branches in United States, Japan, Canada, Taiwan and Singapore which opened on March 6th, 2015. Malaysia branch will be opening on October 3rd and in 2016, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand are planned to follow. In 2014, just 5 years since grand opening, the sales recorded $520 million US dollars only in Korea and it is estimated to reach $700 million US dollars in 2015. Since establishment, the sales have grown every year by average of 50% and there are over 2 million members in Korea and approximately 200,000 members in United States.


2. Kolmar BNH, Kolmar Korea and KAERI

Atomy has an exclusive contract with Kolmar BNH (Kolmar Beauty and Health) that every product manufactured by Kolmar BNH is only sold through Atomy. Kolmar BNH, previously known as Sun Bio Tech, was established in 2004, as a joint institutional venture between Kolmar Korea and the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI). Kolmar BNH was founded with a starting capital of $2.3M but is now worth over $1 billion in the Korean stock market, KOSDAQ.


As the largest government affiliated laboratory that extends far beyond handling nuclear and atomic energy to all sorts of fields of research, KAERI is home to thousands of the brightest minds. Because the scientists in the lab faced health risks from the daily exposure to radioactive materials, KAERI decided to develop a product that would protect its priceless human resources from radioactivity and also help maintain their health. Thus a government project was initiated which took over 8 years of research and consumed millions of dollars. As a result, a product called HemoHIM was developed and it was patented in Korea, United States, Japan, Germany, England, France and Italy for its anti-cancer, anti-oxidative, hematopoietic (helps produce blood) and immune system strengthening properties (US Patent: The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which oversees all atomic energy related events around the world, listed HemoHIM as a protective agent against radioactive materials and because HemoHIM far exceeded the criteria set by the Korean FDA for health functional foods, it had to be evaluated as an individual approval type. HemoHIM is now one of the main products presented through Atomy along with its cosmetics. The scientific papers regarding HemoHIM can be searched on


Kolmar is a global cosmetic ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that proudly presents 100 years of traditional and unique technologies. The name Kolmar was derived from its founders Lessing L. Kole and Frederick Marsek who established the company in 1921. Kolmar now has corporate branches in many countries and is a dinosaur private label company in the cosmetics field that sells to many luxury brand names in the market. Unlike OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies that do not have the capabilities to research and develop their own products and are instructed by their contractors how to manufacture certain products, Kolmar researches and designs its own products which is then sold to other major brands to be labeled as their products. Kolmar Korea’s client list includes but is not limited to: Missha, The Face Shop, Innisfree, Nature Republic, Etude House, VOV, Too Cool for School and also multinational companies such as L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson. The two largest cosmetic firms in Korea, AmorePacific and LG Household & Health Care, also rely on Kolmar for a minor portion of their products. The innovative technologies of KAERI and the unique technologies of Kolmar Korea were combined to research and develop the cosmetics that are now sold through Atomy. The low-cost cosmetics that were developed surprised many skeptics as they received awards not only in Korea but also in Europe among other very expensive luxury brand cosmetics.


*Because many of the researches done by KAERI were carried out with the Korean Tax money, lot of the costs that should have been included in the price of the products was reduced.


3. The Honest and Fair Compensation Plan

Atomy has a binary compensation plan with infinite steps and infinite accumulations. Basically, your referred members are registered on your line A or line B and once points from these two lines and your points reach a certain point, you receive commission. In Atomy these points are called PV or point value. For other network marketing companies you need to make and maintain several lines, your points are cleared out at the end of the month, you cannot grow your line any further after a certain point, and so on. It is simply impossible to receive a decent income for some companies. In Atomy, however, your line can have a million members and all those points will be accumulated to you and also the points are ONLY cleared out when you receive your commission so you do not need to force yourself or your partners to make any extra purchases at the end of the month. Also keep in mind that your points are NEVER cleared out. Once you have enough points set up for yourself, you can make purchases under someone else’s name in your line A or B and you will be helping everyone above that person while generating points for yourself. Some network marketing companies may seem appealing because if you bring new members you receive a commission but that is only because those companies have a registration and other fees. In that case, you are just directly taking part of the money that your friends or family have to pay out of their pocket. Atomy does not have ANY kind of fees, however, and because the products are something that everyone has to use, your referred partners actually save money by using great products at cheapest prices. The points that your partners accumulate is equally given to you so you are not taking away something from your partners but rather are receiving something extra.


There are also 7 ‘masterships’ in Atomy. These are ranks that you can achieve as you grow and besides the regular commissions from accumulated points, you also receive mastership commissions. If you accumulate 250,000 PV for each line in 15 days, you become a Sales Master. A Sales Master generally makes $2,000 to $4,000 a month including the regular commissions from your PV. If you generate two sales masters in each line, you become a Diamond Master which roughly makes $4~8,000/mo. If you generate two Diamond Masters, you become a Sharon-rose Master and make about $8~16,000/mo. The same conditions apply to rest of the masterships and if you become a Star Master, Royal Master, Crown Master and Imperial Master, your income become roughly $16~32,000, $32~70,000, $70~85,000 and $85~100,000 a month, respectively. Atomy also generously gives out many mastership bonuses such as different amounts of cash bonuses, travel packages, computers, cars, even office spaces and so on which are one-time bonuses whenever you reach a new mastership.


In Atomy, there is also a maximum limit of commissions that you can receive. For many other companies, a member receives more income as their rank increases. That way, most of the company profit that is set aside for member commissions has to be focused on the top of the pyramid and those at the bottom, who are far greater in number, have to share a smaller chunk. With Atomy, the limitation was set so that your income would not go over $50,000 a month and therefore, the 40% of the profit is focused on the first or lowest rank, making it easier for beginners to grow. No matter how much a member might grow, his or her income will not grow past a certain point and ultimately, all of the members who followed through will meet up at the same point at the end. If you are not satisfied with $50,000 a month that you do not need to work for, then you should not start Atomy as your business.


The ideal concept of network marketing is delivering great quality goods to the mass at an affordable price. Do other network marketing companies have good products? Yes, some of the companies out on the market has good quality products as well. The problem is, however, that those products are nothing close to being cheap, let alone affordable, and with all sorts of fees that you have to pay to maintain your membership, you are just left with an empty bank accounts even though you may receive commissions. Even though network marketing companies save tremendous amounts of money because they have no advertisements or physical retail stores, the price bubble on their products just become thicker and thicker. Atomy is displaying its rapid growth and the consumers are coming back to re-purchase Atomy products because those products are not only great in quality but also very competitive in price.


To Register

You need a sponsor ID to join Atomy so please contact me at and I will send you step by step instructions on how to register.


If you cannot register on your own and would like me to register for you, I need your:

Full name / Address / Phone number / Date of Birth / Email address / Last 4 digits of SSN


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For More Information (Youtube Channel) (Atomy 2016 Introduction) (Atomy 2015 News) (Company Introduction) (Atomy CEO Company Introduction)


Official Websites

Atomy USA:

Atomy Korea:

Atomy Canada:

Atomy Japan:

Atomy Taiwan:

Atomy Singapore:

Atomy Cambodia:

Kolmar BNH:

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute:

Kolmar Korea:

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