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Neon Energy Club launches in US, Canada & Euro
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Posted 7:59 PM Mon 25 January 2016
Neon Energy Club launches in US, Canada and 12 countries in Europe!

Want a piece of the 30 BILLION Dollar ‪#‎EnergyDrink‬ market? HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Neon is now looking for members and promoters in 12 NEW Countries in Europe! Visit:

After Millions of Dollars in sales in the US and Canada...

We are Proud to announce that Neon Healthy Energy Drink is now available in 14 countries:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary and our Newest country France.

Neon Energy Drink® Finally, an energy drink with good taste!
Whether you are working out or hanging out, NEON delivers an ideal energy boost any time you need it! It’s crafted with 24% fruit juice from concentrate, a blend of caffeine from green tea, Gotu Kola and 7 essential B vitamins—for enhanced energy, brain support and healthy metabolism.

Go for the glow! Great tasting energy that lasts
NEON provides 2 of the most essential things people look for in an energy drink: delicious taste and effective ingredients. A fruit-infused blend of *****ly pear, passion fruit, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherry and cranberry juices from concentrate, in ultra-purified sparkling water provides a refreshing tropical flavor. Beneficial ingredients promote good health and your body’s ability to sustain energy levels so you can glow all night.

An element from the South American Cinchona tree gives NEON its unique glow under a black light.

Energy that lasts, with no crash!
Includes natural sugars from 24% fruit juice
Proprietary blend for energy and antioxidant support
Over 100% of 6 essential daily recommended B vitamins
100 mg of caffeine from Green Tea Extract
Supports healthy metabolism
No Taurine, Low Sodium, Dairy-free, Gluten-free
Only 100 calories
... And it Glows!

HUGE Opportunity for those of you who live in or know someone who lives in one of these countries.

Visit: and Join the Neon Energy Club Today!