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Shopping Sherlock opportunity
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Posted 7:25 AM Fri 26 September 2014

What is Shopping Sherlock?

Sherlock is a unique home-based MLM business for entrepreneurs. With many opportunities you may notice they will have little or no product, which makes it 100 times harder to build your own business. However with us we have an intelligent shopping application linked up to all major online shopping distributors including Google, eBay, amazon, Groupon and many more just in the UK. We have worldwide shopping retailers, as we are a global company to make shopping online faster and cheaper. Originally founded in the united states, its success has spread world wide as so many people are reaping the rewards.

9 ways of making money?

1) Sherlock usage income
2) 20% Override of Sherlock usage income
3) Fast start bonus – Sherlock system sales
4) Sales cycles bonus
5) Team builder bonus
6) Team builder bonus
7) Global check match
8) Diamond global check match
9) Equity program

How do we help?

When you become an affiliate you will be provided with a free ongoing education / training program, custom branding
feature, coupon voucher creator and re – distribution rights for the Sherlock Shopping
Application plus an S2 system activation and free website link with an automated online
marketing system. You will also have access to the Shopping Sherlock application itself. Along with all this you will receive powerful tools and strategies such marketing systems, generating traffic, training manuals, schedules and even scripts.

Can I invite others to join?

The beauty of all this is that it is internet based so you can invite anyone around the world to join you from family and friends or contacts you have made through social media or network marketing. You can also allow them to use the shopping application free whilst you get paid for it.

Is shopping Sherlock for me?

We have all sorts of people from different countries, different backgrounds and age
groups who are doing tremendously well with Shopping Sherlock. You don’t even need
to have any Network Marketing experience to succeed with us.

Why us?

1) By far the most superior commission structure on the market to date.
2) Organisation structure is fast, easy to understand and simple to execute.
3) The product (Intelligent shopping application)
4) Great contacts with some of the top earners, which goes a long way in the industry.
5) Internet based with a global network.
6) Most 
affiliate products involve you having to invest a small fortune in physical products just to
get started. We don’t do that, everything we sell is online and it’s also free to use the

How do I get started?

Check out our fantastic new website and if you like what you see you can sign up or if you require more information you can contact us via the website. Additionally if you want to check out the shopping Sherlock application for free go on the main website and use the code: 79784