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ViSalus Facts and Stats 12/13 What will 2014 do?
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Posted 12:36 PM Mon 16 December 2013

ViSalus Facts and Stats December 2013 ViSalus is almost a 9 year old company. The Body By Vi Challenge launched in Jan 2010.

ViSalus is now a 100 Million Dollar Challenge. ViSalus GIVES THAT MONEY AWAY in cash and prizes to those who take their 90 day health challenge seriously and get the results!

$4.5 Million meals have been donated to charities and disaster relief efforts.

2.8 million people have JOINED the challenge (to lose weight and get fit NOT to make money)

750,000 FREE KITS have been shipped (yes its true -you do save money on the challenge)

239,400 free meals have been raised for at-risk obese children and in the efforts to help end child obesity through Project10 Kids.

VI360 (Our call center) has generated 40 Million dollars in sales on behalf of the promoters in the field.

17,459 families have qualified for a FREE BMW Bonus.

700+ families have hit the ambassador level or beyond.

All of this has been done in just the last 4 years and primarily in 2 markets (US & CAN) ViSalus is now open in the UK and have major plans for further International expansion across Europe in 2014.