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95% new business
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Posted 6:03 PM Mon 15 October 2012

I am thankful that so many people are choosing to forge their own careers and paths thru MLM... not only is this a smart move, but once you made it, you can bet you'll have more money, more time and more sucess than anyone waiting to retire after 30 years on a job.

With all that said, I have a brand new 2 year old MLM company to introduce to everyone, based out of Canada. We are Just Energy, and our marketing firm is Momentis. We offer a savings of up to 50%, 60% and 70% off your customer's Gas utilitie and up to 20% off Electricity in over 15 states and provinces in Canada.

The Gas savings is FREE, and you make a commision and resedual for every single account. We have a 95% market that is untapped. Come by my website:

And check out all the other products that we offer and that you can make money on...


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Posted 3:13 PM Sat 8 December 2012
Momentis Money Babyyyy!