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TeamTLT meets at Minerva Place
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Posted 2:21 PM Sun 19 February 2012

Imagine if you owned a piece of!

Consider this as your second chance...

We’re building the of diet, health and beauty. Not only a fun business, but we’re doing something significant here. You’ll feel good knowing that a portion of every membership fee will be donated towards the fight against childhood obesity. 17 percent of children and teens are obese! It’s scandalous. That’s why Minerva is dedicated to helping to do something about it. Fighting childhood obesity is OUR CAUSE AND OUR MISSION.

Minerva Place (what Minerva Place offers)

  • Innovation!

  • Prestige!

  • Glamour!

  • Entertainment!

  • Style!

  • Cash Rewards!!

We are really happy that our team TeamTLT are in the right place at the right time. MinervaPlace will be the number one resource destination online for information and entertainment related to diet, health, beauty and lifestyle!!

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