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Just take 5 minuets and read this
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Posted 12:24 PM Mon 14 November 2011

You know what, I am tired of this. It drives me crazy. Everyone thinks that they have their own goal and agenda, their own way to do things and that it is the only way. Everyone thinks that their MLM program is the best and that everything else is a scam. What people don’t realize is that everyone falls for the same promise, financial freedom, the American dream, provide for the world. You know I have been doing a number of these programs for a while. I cannot tell you which one is the best, the worst, or anything in-between. But in the end they are all the exact same. You pay your money, you get your program, and you work your ass off to try to make ends meat. And you may make it big, or it may be a waist of money. But in the end it was a great experience to get. I have played my hand and have no money for any more of these programs. But I have one more shot. A brand new program opened up that is 100% free. It sends you up to 5 text ads and you get paid 5 cents per ad. Now that is not a lot, but in addition to that you also get paid up to 5 cents per person in your 10 level deep networks. That can be quite a bit. Now again this may or may not be the best program. Maybe the best program is not here yet. But if you want a shot at greatness, you can’t stick to one thing. I have lost a lot in my life over and over again. But in the end, what I have, whether it is what I want or not, is what I need, and that is the key to life. Acceptance leads to happiness, and as soon as you accept that there is more than one way and we should take every chance we have, we can truly live. And there is no better program to start than a free one. I really need this money and I really need to sign up. If you can do anything at all, please do. Copy and paste this to at least 5 people or places today, sign up and add your link instead of mine. Bring as many people into this as you can. MLM programs are great for helping yourself, but you need other people to do it, so help them too. Here is my link. Please everyone sign up and bring in as many people as you can. I am counting on you.

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Posted 5:18 PM Fri 23 November 2012

I'm checking it out.