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I Promote A Marketing Course Instead Of My Biz Opp
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Posted 10:44 PM Wed 19 October 2011

"Why did you ask?"

Everyone else is promoting their business opportunity so I dare to be different. You've seen hundreds of opportunities today so why would you be interested in mine? After awhile they all look the same.

Instead I promote my marketing course "Top Tips Online Profit Course." This approach has great benefits.

- You share value.

- You build creditability

- You build a list

- You can expose the same crowd to different income opportunities.

If you can think of more benefits post them in your reply.

If you want to stand out in the crowd try my approach. But you don't have a marketing course with 25 newsletters packed with valuable content? No problem! I'm working on newsletter 26 that will show you how to create your own marketing course. It's a lot simpler than you think. As soon as it's done I plan on sending it to my list. Are you on my list? It's not too late, newsletter 26 will be done in around 4 days from today.

For visiting this post here's a sneak peak into the Top Tips Online Profit Course.

"How To Market Your Business Banner"


Frank Osorio-Always Learning For Your Success!