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Make your Dream Board a Reality
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Posted 6:33 PM Sun 22 May 2011

We all have dreamboards and everyone has these 3 Items on their board. Everyone wants to travel more, spend more time with family and make more money. Well now everyone can make these three a reality. It doesn't matter what company you are involved with we all can work together and make our dream boards real. This is Perfect Team Networking. Are you open to a side project that will not interfere with what you are doing? Imagine if you had a vehicle to show your core team and couple of other network marketing friends that could show their core team and then everyone could put their team growth on autopilot because of a (first of its kind) PIF program intergrated in the comp plan. Well I have the solution, and within 30 to 60 days you could earn an extra $5000 over and over while you are building your primary business. Remember in the beginning, everyone wants to travel and spend more time with their family. Well, here is the number that will tell you in debt about our products 1800 604 1929 its 12 minutes and it will tell you all about the incredible value of our procucts. Your lifetime membership for these products is only a onetime $250 fee. No autoships, no monthly fees, hidden fees or back office fees. After listening to this recording contact me so I can show you the opportunity and get you started with the Perfect Team Networking group. You do not have to sponsor anyone to use these products or make extra money, so this is a win win for everyone.

Talk to you soon!

Al Baiungo

603 670 3262

This post has been deleted.
This post has been deleted.