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Video Game MLM Network Needs Your Help !
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Posted 9:08 AM Sun 11 August 2019

My name is Jeremy, I am a 26 year computer science veteran and have been playing video games for 30 years.

I just finished 18 months of development on a next generation video game network where all the assets inside of video games are cryptocurrency and transferable between games. This a centralized system and private blockchain.

The Premium Trader Network , needs a little help from some indivuals that wanna get in at the ground level and deal that will blow your mind !


I can show you how to use my system to trade game assets, weapons, ammo, currencies, and charecters to gamers, and people who own video games.

If you have time to get in at the ground level of a MLM deal THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND , contact me and lets do call, I am not a expert in MLM, so to bring a few hard working people at the start to give some guidnece would be great!

I really need ideas and help launching the program, I garuentee you, if you have been in MLM for a long time you have never seen anything like this.

I am opening this platform here in the next few days or so with 10 games mobile.

Total posts: 3
Joined: 1 year(s) ago
Posted 4:11 PM Sat 14 September 2019

More information !