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CENDYT - Join the Mobile Revolution
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Posted 8:00 AM Wed 29 July 2015

Today, there are more text messages sent on a daily basis than phone calls made. It’s not “email me” or “call me.” It’s “Text me. “ There are also more people on their phones today than EVER before! Is that going to get less or more?

We'll show you how to make over $50k/year RESIDUAL INCOME WITHOUT building a team! However, if you built a team of people who wanted to get paid by sending mobile messages to cell phones around the globe, you could make even more!

Be a part of the Mobile Revolution with CENDYT, and create a MOBILE stream of income!

Trends have changed!! Technology has allowed consumers to "skip" the commercials on TV, Radio, and the web. People aren't picking up newspapers anymore because of how easy it is to find information on the web. emails are not personal and get deleted before they even get opened. Social Media can be extremely confusing. However, texts do not get ignored.

Businesses usually have three HUGE goals:
1. Somehow get people through the door
2. Get the Cash Register to ring
3. When those customers leave, somehow get them to come back in AGAIN!

CenDyt does ALL THREE! We specialize in driving people through the door, generating phone calls, or creating web traffic. PLUS, our technology will bring them in again and again; providing the business owner the ability to stay connected to prospective and existing customers through the one thing 95% of people have on them all day long...their mobile phone!

We have become a world of convenience, and there's nothing more convenient than sending and receiving a text message. Our planet has gone mobile. And it's our goal to help every business on the planet prosper. Mobile is the future. The future is now.

Our prelaunch is happening NOW! Business owners know that traditional forms of advertising ROI is at an ALL TIME LOW! They are looking for that NEXT medium to bring people back through the doors! Become a Media Consultant with CENDYT and build a team that takes this technology global!

Start your CENDYT Business TODAY for ONLY $40! Contact us TODAY! email us @

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Posted 12:50 AM Sat 29 August 2015
New MLM company TrendzDirect in prelaunching stage. It was Started 10 days back. Joining is free!!. please book your slot for top position.
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