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Profile Background
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Posted 9:20 AM Tue 8 February 2011

I'm trying to change the background on my profile can anyone help please? I did it once but it is too dark and cannot read the text and now I can't find where I did it!!


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Posted 4:28 PM Tue 8 February 2011
Hi, Pauline. Click on "Profile" towards the top of your page, and simply hover your cursor just below the third box below your profile picture. You'll see the Skins link. Click on that and scroll to the top of your page to make any changes.
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Posted 7:11 AM Wed 22 November 2017

Thank u for advice. I had this problem too.

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Posted 3:50 PM Thu 18 April 2019
The skins don't seem to be in the location any more that was indicated in Laura's reply in 2011. Does this feature still exist, just in case anyone is looking to change their colors (I'm happy with my profile colors)?
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