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Work at Home Moms face an entirely different set of challenges that other MLMers don't. This is the place for mothers to discuss ways to work at home and still budget time, family and work. Help educate other WAHMs on how to find success in their home businesses. Offer tips, ideas and support for moms (and moms-to-be) to be successful in both personal and business life. NO ADS!

The beauty of busy moms and network marketing
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Posted 3:06 PM Thu 14 January 2016

I have been thinking more about my post with the thoreau quote from the other day:"It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”

So many of us get the objection, "I don't have the time." Here is a little story about two busy moms that may help with that objection! (fictional of course)

Mary has a masters degree in international business and misses having something of her own. To fill this hole, she has joined a network marketing company. She is very frustrated because her business isn’t taking off at all. She is exhausted from her jam packed life and doesn’t have a moment to spare. “How do other women do this business?”, she wonders.

Now meet Suzy. Suzy is just like Mary. She too has joined a network marketing company and has a masters. She is a mom of 3 and does the same things Mary does, EXCEPT, while she is shuttling her kids to activities, she is on the phone with prospects and doing three way calls with her downline. She limits her time on Facebook with a timer and uses it primarily for business purposes. While she is folding laundry, she is on the phone with prospects. She cuts out reality TV after the kids go to bed so that she can work on her business, and while she is at soccer games, food shopping, volunteering, leading the girls scouts and at corporate dinners, she makes new friends and strengthens relationships to add to her list. Her life is full and busy and she is earning a nice paycheck with her network marketing company. She is going to be able to pay for a family trip to Disney. She feels fulfilled and like she has something of her own.

When you compare Mary and Suzy one can see that they are both amazing moms raising their kids. Unfortunately, Mary is unable to find the time for her business and Suzy does. Why? Suzy has figured out that her network marketing “office” is where ever she happens to be. In reality, Suzy is not any less busy than Mary, she is just fitting in her network marketing business into her busy life. Suzy is working smarter. Mary can too!

Sounds like a smart use of time to me!
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Posted 12:56 AM Fri 17 November 2017
Marketing today is a huge niche, a great opportunity not only for mothers in a decree, but for a huge number of people, this is an interesting income. I'm glad that you can develop!
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