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Brand new member
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Posted 6:49 AM Fri 18 February 2011

Hi, my name is Karen and I am brand new to MLM Social. I'm just learning my way around the site and I spotted this Forum l I was invited through a facebook friend via email and virtually know nothing about it. So any tips would be appreciated.


So I guess that makes me a CERTIFIED INTERNET & CHILD SAFETY ADVOCATE, as well as a Home-Based Internet Travel & Retail Business Owner.

I am married with two grown children and my 4th grandchild is expected to arrive by c-section on May 5. I have also been an active foster parent of teens for the past 19 years, hence why I have become an advocate of Internet and Child Safety. Prior to my Online business and fostering, I was a data entry operator and and office clerk.

I love spending time with my husband, family and grandchildren. I also like to have fun, cook dinners for friends and family, read, go to the movies, and go for long walks and travel. Through my online shopping business, I also found out that I loved shopping online for Xmas. I have learned so much through the experience. Apps and sites to find the best deals, and since I live in Canada how to purchase from the U.S. without paying horrendous shipping fees, even shopping from stores that don't ship to Canada. All without the hassles of packing bags and parcels around the mall, fighting crowds, finding parking etc., and with a bonus of saving a ton of money.

Another service I offer is Identity protection with Entrust America. Should your identity be stolen, Entrust America will help you get it back in far less time than if you tried to do it yourself.

I joined my business because I love to travel, and was already booking my vacations online anyway. It made sense to me that I may as well earn some of the commissions for doing what I was already doing anyway. As a bonus, with the recent introduction of Online Shopping, now I also earn commissions and cash back when I shop online from the same stores I used to shop at in the Malls. I can offer the same ability to you for absolutely free.

Feel free to contact me or friend me. I am looking to meet good people and or business connections. I am also here to learn as much as I can from you. So please share what you do, the benefits, your experiences, what works and what doesn't.

I look forward to connecting with you.



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Posted 9:43 PM Fri 18 February 2011
Hi Karen and welcome to MLM - I'm new to the site myself so we can lead each other. Wow - you sound busy! I would love to know how you stay organized.
Good luck to you here and congradulations on that new baby.
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Posted 7:54 PM Sat 16 April 2011

Hey Karen,

Welcome to the site! I hope you get a lot out of it! I will be conducting a Social Experiment using the tools

of this site to facilitate it. I hope you will join us when i launch this! I will only inform my friends of the experiment.

I just sent you a Friend Request. We will begin in a couple days and don't worry... It won't cost you a dime! But

It will make you money and help you build all of your networks simultaneously and exponentially!

I wish you Success & Nothing Less!