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Welcome from the heart land
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Posted 12:02 PM Fri 11 February 2011

Hello All,

If I haven't already, let me say thank you for the connection. It is nice meeting you and I look forward to networking with you. If two heads are better than one, then a few hundred of us should be able to move mountians. That is what I want for your business. I have made a quick welcome/who is Allen video that I posted here on MLM Social. I'd like to take this time to invite you to go over and watch it. When you do, as always, I appreciate it when you 'like' it and leave comments. For those that are part of my fan club, I anticipate exchanging some great content with you. Thank you for your trust. If there is any thing I can do to help you with your business, do not hesitate to let me know and I will do my best. Your friend, Allen P.S. Please feel free to add me to Skype 'addaniels' Facebook Training Group: (tell em Allen sent you)
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Posted 3:35 PM Mon 21 February 2011

Hello to everyone my name is Gerald Smith Iam a new person on this site looking to learn. Just would like to appreciation "pay it backwards" cafte. I know that patient is the key, and diligence. Always review what your passion, interests, information. Personal development is a reflection of education, life experience and your care for people. Personally, I had to how to overcome my own self - doubt, not from my dad or mom, but me, and only me. Shyness, and fear of being a big loser, plus rejection. In order to be a leader it starts at home, IAm married 32 years.....I had to have some leadship qualifications. People need harmonious Inter-personal,equality in personhood and importance. In order to help others, I had 5 essential questions. 1. (Who Am I ?) 2.(Why Am I here ?) 3.( Where Am I Going ?) 4.( What must I do?) 5.( How will I do it?)

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Posted 5:02 PM Mon 21 February 2011
Thanks to all
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Posted 7:01 PM Sat 16 April 2011

Hey Allen,

Glad to connect with you! I just added you as a Friend on here!

I will be conducting a Social Experiment for this site and would

love for your input and feedback once I roll it out in a couple days.

It doesn't not cost you to use but it will make you significant Cash

while building your network for all of your Social Sites!

Once it is ready I will alert you to the info you need to know for this

experiment! You won't be alone in this experiment and I know it will

be a Hit!

Again Welcome, and I wish you Success & Nothing Less!

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Posted 12:49 AM Sun 17 April 2011
I look forward to it.