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After you've introduced yourself, please post a welcome message to the person's post before yours. This way, nobody gets left out. Plus, you'll grow your own social network. Keep it going. Don't drop the ball! This is a place for new members to introduce themselves and for existing members to welcome fellow members! Please tell us a little about yourself, your goals, where you're from, what MLMs you belong to (if any), your favorite food, you get the idea! Speak your mind and get to know one another. NO ADS!

New Member Here
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Joined: 9 year(s) ago
Posted 2:34 PM Wed 9 February 2011

Hello! It's a pleasure to be a member. I am the founder and CEO of Thoroughbred Capital Partners. This year we are celbrating our 40th Anniversary.

A few months ago we got involved with networking marketing for the first time. Being an investment banker I can assure you that I am jaded, skeptical, and jaundiced. I just don't really get excited with the "rah-rah" nonsense. I can also tell you that the product line that we started marketing is amazing. Its acceptance in the marketplace is overwheming and our profits have been tremendous. I hope that my fellow members are having the same amount of good fortune.

Have a wonderful week!


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Posted 7:59 PM Wed 9 February 2011
Hello Micheal! I just joined this network today myself being invited by a long time friend.

I am old school like you, but in the last 2 years I decided to dive into the world of social media and I must admit it's wonderful! Aside from the spammers and hype people you will connect will truly wonderful people who will become long term friends.

Best of luck to your expansion!

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Joined: 9 year(s) ago
Posted 8:21 PM Wed 9 February 2011
Thanks Candice. I got involved with social media last year. Facebook has added 8,000 plus contacts to my existing database of 47,000 plus contacts. Just from FB contacts alone we closed in excess of $82 million in transactions. I will see if this site has some real people or just wanna be's.

Have a great week.