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New Year Greetings From South Georgia USA
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Posted 9:54 PM Mon 3 January 2011

I am Patricia Cranford and I live in South Central Georgia in the USA. I'd like to say hello to everyone, everywhere!! I am Mother of three grown boys...errr....Men...LOL They have blessed me with six beautiful Grandchildren.....four boys...then FINALLY one lone Granddaughter and then another sweetie pie Grandson. I am Nanna to them and they are precious to me!! I am employed only seasonaly...from say September through varies from year to year, since I work for Federal State Inspection Service in the capacity of a Farmer's Stock Peanut Inspector and I have done this for 27 years. Other times of the year and yes, even when I am doing peanuts, I do a lot of work online. I love working online because it gives me the freedom to live my life!!

I have friends from all over the world, but I figure you can never have too many friends, so please add me if you'd like.

My wish for each person who reads this is a New Year of Many Miracles, Much Success, More Love, More Friends and May All Your Dreams Come True!!

Patricia /AKA/ Trish, Tricia, CIA

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Posted 11:38 PM Tue 4 January 2011
Welcome to MLMSocial, Patricia.

I bet your three grown boys (men) will always be babies to you:)

Thanks for introducing yourself. I feel like I've known you for years now.

Happy New Year and best wishes to you, too!

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Posted 2:07 AM Sun 9 January 2011
Thanks Laura! Yes...I will always have 3 babies, no matter how old we all become! Remember the song Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker?? She's 41 and her Daddy still calls her Baby? LOL