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Tom Sparrow from Michigan here.
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Posted 8:35 PM Sun 20 December 2009

I started MLM full time in 1990 and many ups & downs primarily due to greedy owners who wanted more and gave us less, hence time to leave and start over again! Many long timers know what I am talking about. Today, I have diversifed into 3 companies so that all my eggs are not in 1 basket as I used to do. I also feel that I cover all the bases depending on how much people can afford, and the type of program they prefer.

The main thing people need to do is spend time researching the business you plan to promote as there are many factors that need to be considered when choosing the right opportunity! Stay away from companies that use these types of compensation plans to avoid failure: Binary, Unilevel, Breakaway, Hybrids, 1-up, 2-up, etc...I have found that a Matrix Comp Plan is the best since you do get spillover to help increase your income, instead of having to do it all yourself (no support).

No matter what company you choose to promote, look at my Money Fish program to help you and your downline build it! They have over 3,000 downloads that include software, training, ebooks, and so much more to help everyone succeed at home for ONLY $10.00!!! The downloads themselves are worth 50 times what you pay for this program! Simply click on "Products" to see what they have to offer! If everyone were to join this and use even a small part of what they have, their success will be greatly enhanced! I wish everyone much success in their home based business and "early retirement"!


I NOW have 3 awesome programs to help people make money quickly based on how much they have to enter

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! USA only until January, 2010, but now's your chance to join a company that can make money fast for you and your team and not drop your primary home based business! This is fun and easy since it is a 1 time fee only of $100.00. If you like what you see, contact me direct here or call me.

Money Fish feeder program I joined 12/18/09 for ONLY $9.95! Many have already made their money back with spillover/spillunder and not recruited 1 person! SIMPLE, EASY FUN and a TON of tools and downloads when you join!!!>

My Health, Wellness, and Skin Care Opportunity that simply wins out over all other wellness opportunities for those who compare!

Tom Sparrow-CEO
Health Innovations & Marketing, Inc. (complete pkg. here)
248-624-0942 or 248-705-9716
Skype: tom.sparrow53

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Posted 2:09 PM Mon 21 December 2009
Thanks for introducing yourself! I'm looking forward to checking out your businesses.
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Posted 2:18 AM Tue 22 December 2009
Thanks for dropping by Laura! I look forward to your review and feedback! Merry Christmas too! Tom
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