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Hello Everyone
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Posted 9:59 AM Sat 13 August 2011

My name is mfon Inyang a Nigerian. Is my pleasure to be here.

My mission is to make business friends and Network together.

"You Can Have Everything In Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Other People Get What They Want" Zig Zigler

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Posted 4:02 PM Wed 31 August 2011
Welcome iyang, am a nigerian too
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Posted 2:58 PM Thu 1 September 2011
Hello Chuks,
great to meet you here again bros. How are you doing? How are biz and family? Are you aware of the great opportunity coming to Nigeria? I'll love to work with you if you're be interested.

I am looking for MLM leaders in Nigeria, and maybe the following information can be interesting to you or someone you might know. Vemma (liquid Health supplement) has opened 58 countries already and we just started to prelaunch Nigeria. Free prelaunch (scroll down to signup), free own website to promote your business, all information inside the prelaunch website

You can contact me on 08191167606

Expecting your reply Chuks

Have a lovely day.
Mfon Inyang
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Posted 9:30 PM Fri 30 September 2011

MfonGreat to see you here.. Vemma is a great company I hear. have some friends that are very successful with them. Be well. Tim

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Posted 1:22 PM Fri 14 October 2011
Hello Tim,
thanks so much. Yes it is. Let's keep in touch.

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Posted 10:41 AM Sun 16 October 2011
Gidday Tim, Mfon and Chuks,

My name is Mama, thought I'd introduce myself all the way from Australia, been a Network Marketer for only two months, and love every bit of it, See you guyz around with all your successes!

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Posted 7:46 AM Sat 5 November 2011

Hello Mama,

Good to meet you. I love meeting my co- Network Marketers. They are just wonderful people.

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