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Prospecting everyday during your routine!!
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Posted 3:58 PM Wed 6 January 2010

So many people are struggling these days!

So many people are not happy!

So many people are looking for something better!

So many people are looking for a Plan B!

So many people are skeptical!

Unfortionatly these people are not wearing a sign around their neck telling you this. You can either ignore these people or you can actively find and help these people.

In our everyday lives we cross paths with people just like the ones described. I don't know about you but for me to approach these people is way out of my comfort zone, to this I say to myself "success is not easy and it is not a given, you earn it".

To ignore these people is very costly, to you and them, afterall you have found the solution to the problem, right? You just need more people to think like like you do. You just need more people to BELIEVE! For the most part this comes through education and then success. People need to have almost immediate success to really believe 100% in their opportunity, the industry and themsleves. If this is not acheived then the failure rate is extremely high. If this has not happened for you then most likely this will not happen for others.

How do you prevent this and how do you help people find almost immediate success. Success is the ultimate motivator, right? How many people have you talked with that have basically said "give me call when you are making the big money". Success is the most important aspect of any business venture. Seriously, how much easier would it be if you could prove to others that what you are doing is not only lucritive but easy? If you are like me, and almost everyone else, you need success RIGHT NOW!

Obviously the measure of success is different for eveyone. The abilility for some one to come into this industry and find success within their first month is very rare. For the purpose of this article lets say success is measured by making more money then you spend in the first month ( that sounds extremly awesome to me). What is needed for this to happen?

Nothing short of a miracle right? I can honestly tell you that it can no longer be considered a miracle!!!

What does it take? Well:

  • you need the right vehicle
  • one that is not only simple but relatively inexpensive
  • You need a proven system of success
  • You need the abilty to prove it
  • you need proven leadership
  • you need personal success

I am sure that there is more criteria needed to convince every one to believe in our industry and in our vehicle, but we don't need everyone, we only need those that do belive and are MOTIVATED to succeed.

I have included a starting point script below for approaching those that we cross paths with in our everyday lives and hope this helps you succeed and attain the goals you have set for yourself.

An approach I use (force myself to use)

General Prospecting Script
“The best way to lead a group is to leave a group!”
Hey excuse me can I ask you a quick question?
My name is __________, and I work with a marketing company and were doing a lot of
expanding in the area.
You caught my eye because … (compliment them) (ie. You seemed really friendly / You
look really sharp)
What do you do for work right now? Do you live here locally?
In addition to ___________ are you keeping your options open to making more money
(diversifying your income) around your schedule?
(If yes – continue on…) (If no – Great, Have an awesome day!)
Great, it depends on your personality and your schedule but I can have someone give you
a call with some info. Do you have a business card on you?
What’s the best number to reach you at?
Great, what’s the best time to reach you?
Have a great day!
1) Get out of your comfort zone! “Your income can grow only to the extent you do!” – T. Eker
2) Prospect “UP”! (ie. People who make eye contact / dressed up / etc.)
3) GWPG – Go Where People Go!!
4) Just pique interest, don’t give a business presentation!
5) Leave positive first impression for future groups! Dress for success.
6) Set goals and reach them. Fortune pays us for results not hours put in!!
7) Make a game of it: talk to everyone with nice shoes / 90 Second rule / 3 foot rule!
8) SORT DON’T SELL! (Some will, some won’t, some are waiting, so what, NEXT!!)

To your Success!

Tom Potvin


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Posted 5:22 PM Wed 6 January 2010
This really is motivating! Thanks for your tips. I especially appreciate that great quote you snuck in there. I won't say where it is so everyone has to read through all the other good stuff to find it;)
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Posted 6:40 PM Wed 21 April 2010
These are fantastic tips Tom!!! Thank you for sharing!
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Posted 12:08 PM Sat 24 April 2010
Hey, nice post and lots of good information. Thanks for sharing.