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What are your GOALS?
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Posted 2:43 PM Tue 29 December 2009

What are your goals?

Setting goals is crucial to your success in business as in life. Without a goal, clear vision, dream and plan, we are just allowing life to happen to us. We have the ability to CREATE the lives we want our own realities and it all starts with knowing what you want, planning how to accomplish it, and then taking ACTION.

Make a commitment to your goals and a commitment to never give up until you reach your goals.

Successful people have a game plan for life. They know where they are now - where they have been - and where they are going - on a day-to-day basis because winners are goal-and-role oriented.

1. What is your goal for this week? month? year?
2. How much money would you like to make per month?
3. Would you like to take a trip? get a new house? pay off debt?

Write down your goals.Goals must be written down to be accomplished.