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How to Increase your Productivity
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Posted 9:56 AM Fri 5 November 2010

The best way to increase your productivity is not to get a better autoresponder, it's not a better website, it's not more training, it's not learning how to close your calls, it's not providing more service to your customers....

What is it?


It has been proven in research that when you are keeping track of your numbers and stats this will actually increase productivity. It will also hold you accountable to the actions necessary to build your business.

So, first thing to do is to make a list of all the things you can keep track of.

How many advertisements you place?

How many responses?

How many hits to your website?

How many people did you call each day?

how many resulted in an appointment, or sale?

How many presentations did you do?

How many enrollments did you get?

And then, make a chart. Or even just get a piece of paper and write your numbers down.

Keep track of them for the day, the week, the month whatever works for your business. BUT it's crucial you have to LOOK BACK at those numbers at the end of that period and analyze how you did.

Once you see how you did, you can see where you need to improve. Then you will be able to make a plan and put it into action to make those improvements so that your following day, week or month is better.

To our success!

Amanda Drover

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Posted 2:24 PM Sat 5 February 2011
I agree Amanda,

It all starts with your daily/weekly/monthly activity goals sheet. If you do not have a daily plan you will find that although you were busy you may not have gotten much accomplished.

These goals should have been broken down from your master plan or your yearly goals. You do that by back planning from what you know it will take to get xx number of leads in your auto-responder or to get xx number of sales.sign-ups.

Your comment on analyzing the results of your activities is well taken. If you do xx activity for a certain number of hours you should expect xx amount of results. The only way to know what the results should be is with a meeting with your mentor. (some one who has done it) or by trial and error.

Then when you find something that is working for you. wash rinse and repeat as many time as you can while developing new methods.

Allen Daniels
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Posted 12:50 PM Wed 9 February 2011
Something we touched on but definitely need to clarify. BE COACHABLE. If your coach/team leader/sponsor whatever you want to call them has had success do what they tell you to do. Sometimes you don't need to re-invent the wheel at all :)