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The 3 Most Dangerous Words To Your Success
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Posted 2:32 PM Thu 24 December 2015

I was by a company training and some of the leaders were outside talking. I was pretty disappointed with them because they were setting a bad example for the new team members in the room, especially the ones that I personally brought.

Throughout the training I was thinking how these leaders could be out there? Then it hit me.

It’s something that I’ve once heard Matt Morris talk about. He says that the three most dangerous words to your career are, "I know that."

You know why these leaders were outside talking, and not inside listening to the presenter like I was? Because they felt that they had nothing new to learn from the presenter because they thought they knew everything. They might have even felt that they knew more than him.

How unfortunate for those leaders.

But I’ve Heard This Presenter Before

Have you heard this presenter before? Maybe this is already the 3rd time that you’re hearing this presenter? Think you have new nothing to learn from him?

There's always something new to be learned. Learning something 100 times isn’t the same as learning it 101 times.

Also, people don’t process everything they hear. So the next time you hear the same presenter, you might actually hear something that you didn’t hear the last time or you might understand something a little differently from the last time you heard it.

Absorb It. Soak It In. Make It Yours.

One day you're going to be the one up there presenting. Learn how to present. Every leader has their own unique way of presenting. Learn from them and create your own unique style.

Don’t Let It Slip Away

I was a bodybuilder for many years. Just 3 months after I stopped bodybuilding I lost 40 pounds of muscle.

The moment you stop learning, growing, improving and challenging yourself, everything you’ve accomplished and worked so hard for starts to slip away.

Whether you’re just getting started in network marketing or you’re a 100 dollar a month income earner, a 10,000 dollar a month or even a 10 million dollar a year income earner, you need to be learning and working on your skills every single day.

Lawyers and teachers have to take a test every few years to get recertified and relicensed. Doctors have to always keep up to date with the latest research and findings in medicine because medicine is constantly evolving.

My Best Advice For You

This Should Be You At.pngNo matter what industry, profession or business you’re in, part of your daily regiment should be at least 30 minutes of learning something specific to your field.

If you want to have massive success in network marketing, come in and be completely coachable. Come in and be the ultimate student. If your sponsor isn’t helping you, find a mentor who will. Attend as many trainings and meetings as you can. Read as many books as you can. Watch as many videos as you can. Listen to as many audios as you can.

Story Time

Two people on my team, Phil and Aydee came into the business with over 20 years experience in the industry. This was their third network marketing company. They were very successful with their first two companies (If you must know, they switched to our company because we had a much better business model, a way better compensation plan and incredible leadership. How did we get to them? Someone on my team knew them, didn’t pre-judge them and simply asked them if they look at other ways of making money.).

Do you think they could've come in with their own ideas on how to build a team?


But our team has been the fastest growing and the highest income producing team in the entire company for the past 9 years because we have a proven system and when new team members plug into it, they succeed.

So Phil and Aydee came in and were the ultimate students. They left everything they think they knew about network marketing, recruiting, presenting and closing at their old company. They were 100% coachable and within just two years of following our system, they were already earning a six figures a year income.

Wrapping It All Up

  • The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen teaches that life is all about the continuous and never ending improvement of oneself.
  • Always be in student mode.
  • No matter how successful you are there’s always someone out there that knows more than you, someone out there that you can learn from.
  • The only thing that stops someone from being coachable is ego.
  • You can start out with a tiny seed, plant it, water it and nurture it until it grows into a mighty oak tree. But the moment you stop watering it, its starts to die.

So the next time you’re at a training, make sure you’re sitting front row center taking notes. And of course, share this and your notes with your team.

Your friend,

Jonathan Czegledi

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