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3 personal = habits which can make you a LEADER
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Posted 7:50 AM Fri 7 August 2015

1. Reading- readers are leaders! Successful people know that they need to be constantly learning new things and applying them in life/business. Warren Buffet spends 80% of the time reading. Unsuccessful people, who are BROKE, usually “know it all”. They learn nothing new. They think that education stops after you graduate.

2.Listening to audios- We’re all bombarded by messages which are not good for use. People telling us what do to, what’ll work and what wont work. We need a strong mental foundation, or a good attitude, which listening to audios can give you. All MLM companies have a personal development element, they have audios by the leaders and stuff. If you aren’t in an MLM, then watching motivational speakers speak on youtube is equally valuable.

3. Going to events/life functions- masterminds are created in the event. It changes your energy, and you become a different person after attending a weekend function. The MLM company I am associated with, has people who quadruple their incomes after going to an event. It shifts your beliefs, it releases your abilities.


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Posted 9:27 PM Sat 17 November 2018
This gave me some motivation