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4 reasons why people FAIL in MLM
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Posted 3:58 AM Fri 24 July 2015

Hey guys, just listend to a brilliant audio series by this guy Kevin Trudeau, I found out 4 reasons why people fail doing anything. 1. They dont listen to the right people- there's tons of information out there on the internet, if you want to learn anything/do anything. But is that information worth trusting? has it been produced by an expert? Or some wanna-be person. Another mistake is that, talking specifically about building a business for example, people around us are generally negative. Over time, we start listening to them and this negetavity dominates our minds. And then we start thinking negative. So, who do you listen to? General of thumb- follow the people who have what you want and who have been where you are today. 2. people aren't teachable- people have big dreams, they want to make all the millions of dollars and run businesses, but they dont want to learn how to succeed. Lack of teachability is a big problem. Why do you think Warren Buffet reads 80% of his time? Because all successful people KNOW that just like you feed your body everyday, you have to feed your mind everyday, your mind is growing as well, it needs food everyday- it bneends information! 3. Too much emphasis on techniques/the HOW- you need to balance out the "doing" part with the "thinkng part". if the thinking is wrong no matter what you do, you wont succeed. Dreams, motivation, enthusiasm, positive thinking are ultimately more important than knowing all the skills. Your unconscious mind has to be programmed for success, in order for you to command the mysterious forces of the universe, if you know what I mean. 4. people quit too soon- you need to understand that you need to become a 'master' in anything you do. Just like rising a bicycle, you fell down, you failed your way to success. Similar is the case with anything in life. WANT TO DO BETTER IN YOUR MLM BUSINESS? Grab my Ebook for free- MLM Recruiting Secrets in which I talk about the secrets which 1000s of MLM/HomeBiz people are using to recruit reps on AUTOPILOT, without picking up the phone without doing home meetings without spamming their links all over social media Its for free, so download it now! =>
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Posted 4:37 PM Mon 27 November 2017
Hey. I definitely agree with you. You are completely right. Nice notices and conclusions.