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How to make money FAST in MLM?
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Posted 12:49 PM Fri 7 October 2011


Hi buddy,

Today I will give you a simple strategy that you can use to get instant results in your business whether you are doing this online or offline.

This training will teach you the most productive thing that you can do that will produce profits in your business so pay attention.

If you are going to build a network marketing business. you must understand that we will only get paid by doing two things

1. Enrolling someone in our business.

2. Selling our products. (Company products or affiliate products if you are doing internet marketing)The internet marketing strategies that we are using right now is just a tool to expand our warm market so we can get some distributors and customers for our business.

Now If you want to create wealth while having a life, all you need to do is to is follow this 3 simple steps

1. Talk to people ( warm market or the leads that you generated online which is also called warm market if you give them value and they like you for it)

2. Send your prospect to a simple message ( Webinar, Audio message, marketing tool, DVD etc)

3. Follow up and Enroll.

When you are going to spend your time working on your business. you need to focus 80% of your time prospecting and doing the 3 simple steps and only spend 20% of your time marketing on the internet. Because sometime we will spend a lot of time in front of the computer learning internet marketing, blogging, Article marketing and social media.

Learning this strategies can help us a lot in our business and will give us leads. however we dont get paid generating leads we get paid by converting the leads.

So if you are also using internet marketing as a tool to help you build your business. Its much better if you will spend your time calling the leads that you have generated than spending so much time doing articles,video, blogging etc.

So set a time that you are going to call your leads and then ignore everything else that can disturb you in that short period of time. If you do this CONSISTENTLY you can get more distributors in your business and get more customers Immediately.

Tip when you are making a call

You must focus like its your last day of the month. Call your leads with an INTENTION that you will find someone who will become a distributor and customer for your business today.

learn how to qualify your prospect and if he or she is not qualified to work with you then move on and make another dial. If you are talking to the lead that you have generated on the internet. ask them some genuine curious question that will give you some information that you need.

Just listen to them when they are talking because they will give you some clues if they qualified or not.

So that`s all for today my friend.

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