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Why isn't my team doing anything?
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Posted 11:07 AM Mon 11 January 2010

Have you ever looked at your back office and wondered "why aren't these people doing what they're supposed to be doing?" Well if you have then you are normal just like everyone else. However, you must stop doing this. Looking at your back office and questioning the inactivity of others is only going to lead to you taking attention away from producing in your business.

The key to being successful is to be constantly putting your business in front of people, bringing new members on, therefore adding to your customer base and growing your residual income. If you stop this then you are no longer the catalyst driving your team.

You see, the old cliché of "people do what you do" isn't really true. If that were true everyone in my organization would be a earning a multiple six figure income. The truth is that only people who are READY and WILLING to follow your lead will do what you do. Unfortunately these people don't have a sign around their neck saying "pick me, I'm ready to follow your lead."

Even reps that join your business who say they're excited and willing to commit to their business will often times fade away into the background. Why? Because they aren't ready to truly commit to their business. Now, my question to you is, is that your fault or theirs?

It's THEIR fault! As long as you are doing your part by making yourself available to them and getting them information pertinent to your business then it is up to THEM to take advantage of it. Shame on them for not following through.

You stay true to your dreams and keep pushing forward! If you put this business in front of enough people you will find people that will take it seriously right alongside you. Sometimes it may not feel like those people are out there but they are. And either you will find them or someone else will!

As a side note: if you are not having the success you think you should and you can HONESTLY say that you have been true to your business, you might want to look at your opportunity and determine whether or not it gives you the best chance of success. Not all opportunities are designed for your success, some are designed for your failure and some my not be the right opportunities for you. Just because you are not finding success in your current opportunity does not mean that you cannot be successful in this industry.

To your success!!!

Tom Potvin

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Posted 11:03 AM Tue 12 January 2010
Great post Tom!

You cannot control what other people do. The only thing you can control is YOUR own work. So just keep doing what yer doing and you will find people who want to copy you, learn from you, who will be coachable, who want to change their life. Just keep truckin! LOL

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Posted 11:25 AM Tue 12 January 2010
Tom, it goes back to the, old saying, some will, some won't, so what, NEXT! I hate to say that, but most people do NOT take a home based business seriously! Now, if they had to sink in about $100,000.00 or more, they would! It is a mindset thing! The only thing you can do with people like this is to give them the tools to help them and HOPE they get it! Some of those tools are motivational as well, but they have to want it bad enough first to take that next step! Tom
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Posted 6:53 AM Wed 13 January 2010
From my experience most of the people would like to do something, at least that's the reason why they signed up or payed for a starterkit.

The problem can be attitude but more than anything else it is the lack of support from the upline. IF the new partner prepares a list and IF the upline meets him/her to qualify the list, to contact them TOGETHER there is no chance of not getting a new partner active. Now it IS in the hand of us, the upline, the sponsor or leader to somehow "control" what the downline is doing.

95% of the people I've met with experience in network and no success were all by themselves after the sign-up process. Just the normal "come to the meeting", "build for event" and "as soon as the pupil is ready the teacher will appear" stuff but no real support in doing things together, showing how to call people, how to share the product and so on.

Would be surprised if this wouldn't be your experience as well, is it?

Take care,

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Posted 12:35 PM Thu 14 January 2010
Volker- you are absolutely correct, leadership is essential. This is a big reason for the high failure rate in our industry. I should have been more specific by saying you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Some people say they want this and are willing to follow your lead but then never show up to the party.

You are also correct in your assumption that I suffered from a lack of leadership in my early days. Most people don't survive that.

Thank you and take care,

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Posted 8:53 PM Sat 23 January 2010
I agree, great post!

To add- I as well have went through the "lack of leadership" but those of us who are persistent found that it's there if you look for it. Too many people are so quick to put the blame on their up line- which it is true- we should be leaders and available for our team- but if someone is in a spot where they are lacking "up line support" they need to instead of pushing that blame for them not making progress, stick to focusing and finding where they can get leadership.

I could not agree more with the fact that those of us who do offer support to those who are willing to accept it- remembering that those who ignore that support are hurting no one but themselves.

I do also think that some of the programs that are out there do sometimes mislead people as well though- they give off the impression that all you have to do is join- and then you'll get rich. People need to be made aware that there is work involved- and that they are responsible for their own work to get any benefits :)

Those who are willing to learn- and work for what they want- will get it :)
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Posted 10:19 AM Wed 10 February 2010
however, the difference is this = Most Upline/Sponsors are only doing what they were shown, their experience. Which puts the burden of motivation on the new Partner. I know this by personal experience. motivation is probably the number one product most MLM/NM's are buying. But, without skill, the Sponsor cannot really blame the down line.

I think more parent companies should offer both motivation & cutting edge training. From my experience, most 'training programs' are just motivational speeches/product booster seminars. Hence why I took on the task of just being a trainer.

Once the sponsor has them, motivates them, shows them the ropes, then the rest will come easy. The carbon copy system works, but no one is really doing it.

I think any person from any walk of life CAN join a NM and be successful without struggling.
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Posted 11:52 AM Fri 24 June 2011
I like what you all have posted and for the most part agree with you all. But, my question is I am trying to learn and become a mentor, I am trying to mentor my team, calling them regularly, offering to help, offering solutions to their perceived challenges.
But still very few are doing anything! I am not quitting or giving up, but it is frustrating and i want to be sure it is not my fault.
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