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Four Emotions of our Business
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Posted 9:29 PM Fri 8 January 2010

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Hi all,

I wanted to share this with you. A fellow MLM posted this in a forum and I think it's great:

The Four Emotions of Our Business

by SNSD Rena Tarbet (Mary Kay)

(I've taken out the refernces to MK because it certainly fits


Phase One:

The first phase is EXCITEMENT. You've caught the vision of where you can go and what you can do for yourself and your family through our opportunity! You don't know or understand just how it will all come about. You just know that it will. Nothing can stand in the way of your pursuit of The Dream - you're ready to take on anything.

Phase Two:

Then Phase Two hits - FRUSTRATION. Things are not going as fast as you'd like them to. Can you relate to this? Of course you can!

We've all been there. We get impatient with ourselves and our customers. We tell ourselves that no one wants buy product or build a business.

Phase Three:

Then comes Phase Three – THE CRISIS POINT. Do you throw in the towel and shoot holes in your Starter Kit? or do you get your head on straight and work it through? Do you tell yourself that your team calls are the last place you're going since you have not done anything to crow about? or do you tell yourself that the calls are where you need to be to get your act together? The right question to ask yourself is the last one. As hard as it may be to push yourself , it's the best thing for you and your new career right now. You'll actually be glad you went.

Phase Four:

The last phase - RECOMMITMENT. You've made it!

You've recovered from the situation and you're stronger for it!

You've recaptured your dream; you're excited, again, and ready for the next challenge.

Each time you slip into the Frustration Phase, your trip back to Phase One gets quicker because you know the way! Is it Worth it?

Is your new business worth the hassle of putting up with postponements? making yourself go to unit meetings and finding something to crow about? Could you find this kind of never-ending excitement, supreme challenge, and positive attitude in any other job?

I would not be the person I am without the great opportunity I was given. I have a healthy self-image and so many chances to share this positive way of life with others. Is the business? You bet it is.

We must never sell ourselves short. Give yourself time to grow and never lose sight of your goals. When you lose sight, then you have time to see the obstacles that lie before you. Remember: Our Company sells dreams as well as products.

Resolve, now, to work through every Phase Two you encounter, and never forget where you can be in 90, 180, 365 days from now if you just persist.

Keep your outlook positive and you’re sure to go far!

Tom Potvin

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Posted 10:09 PM Wed 21 July 2010

Good article! Thanks yes..very important to keep the right attitude!

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Posted 4:22 PM Sat 31 July 2010

The phases in any business can be something that drives the ordinary person crazy. As an entrepreneur, we know they are just part of the normal cycle of events. I am impatient and it is always important to keep yourself motivated. My blog,

has been gradually growing, but I am always impatient for it to grow faster.