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Important tips for formatting a dissertation
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Posted 1:14 AM Wed 25 May 2016

Formatting helps in making a paper readable, organized and well-written. It helps in creating a good impression of the paper on the readers. However, it is a very difficult thing to do and takes a lot of time and attention. Follow the guide below to know some useful tips about formatting a dissertation paper:


The font of a dissertation paper needs to be readable and clear so that the reader can easily read it and don’t find any problem in understanding what you have written. There are specific font requirements that need to be followed for writing the dissertation paper. These are as follows:

Always use Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri as the font style. Keep the same font style from the beginning till the end. Don’t change it even for the heading because it makes a paper look bad.

Use the font size of 11 or 12 for writing the content and 14 or 16 for the headings. You can ask the professors regarding the requirements for the font size of the content and headings before writing them.

A dissertation paper is a formal academic paper. You do not need to use colored text, headings or background for writing it. Just keep the content and background simple, otherwise you will face rejection for your paper. Keep the text black and the background white.


Headings make it easy for the readers to know what the content is all about and from where a topic starts or ends. They need to be readable, clear and precise. The heading requirements for a dissertation paper are listed below:

The font size for headings should be different or larger from the content. It should not be the same as the content because then it will be difficult to differentiate them. The font size that is commonly used for headings is 14 or 16 depending upon the requirements of the professors.

The headings should be Bold, but not Underlined or Italic as it is not appropriate for writing the research paper.


Spacing allows you to keep a minor distance between the lines of the content and paragraphs so that they can be readable and also provide space for your teachers to write their comments. The spacing requirements for writing a dissertation paper are as follows:

The spacing for the content of the paper needs to be double or 2.0. Also use wide margins for the pages.

The spacing between the paragraphs needs to be 1.0 or single.


Numbering is very important in research papers as it helps in finding the topics, tables, figures or charts without going through each and every page. This is the reason; it needs to be done carefully and properly. The numbering requirements for a dissertation paper are as follows:

Number each and every page, figure, chart or table that is included in your paper

Use different numbering styles for numbering pages and tables, i.e. Roman, English alphabets or numbers, etc. in order to make them different from each other.

Write down separate pages for listing charts, tables and figures.

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Posted 3:00 AM Mon 23 January 2017

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Posted 2:49 AM Tue 11 July 2017

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Posted 4:16 AM Tue 11 July 2017

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Posted 6:47 AM Wed 12 July 2017
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Posted 4:21 AM Wed 19 July 2017

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Posted 4:33 AM Wed 19 July 2017
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Posted 12:37 AM Mon 31 July 2017
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Posted 4:14 AM Tue 1 August 2017
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Posted 5:54 AM Thu 3 August 2017

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Posted 7:10 AM Sat 9 September 2017

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