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We are happy to introduce our Affiliate Program wi
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Posted 7:27 PM Wed 29 January 2020

We start at 40%, but the more you sell, the higher the percentage of the commission we can offer to you.

Business Terms and Conditions:

  • 40-70% fee;

  • $100 minimum of cash withdrawal;

  • payment hold: 14 days. Can be decreased for those who succeed;

  • payment method: Paypal;

  • the average purchase amount of 1 person per month: $67. The average bill when buying Ingramer modules reaches $78;

  • payoff period: for life (as long as we get payments of your referrals).

What is an affiliate program?

Ingramer Affiliate Program is an agreement between the Ingramer service and the Partner.

The main principle for earning money is the following:

  1. The Partner gets the affiliate link and access to affiliate account from a support team via; more info

  2. The Partner pastes the link to the blog, website, Instagram account or any other place, that will attract the Referral;

  3. If the Referral registers Ingramer account via the affiliate link of the Partner - the Partner gets a 40-70% commission from each payment.

If you are interested, feel free to ask any questions at

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Total posts: 2
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Posted 3:22 PM Thu 13 February 2020

Please check the example of our partner's page earnings.