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What's the KEY for social media?
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Posted 8:39 AM Fri 26 September 2014

A lot of people over complicate social media but it really just comes down to 4 key points you may have already thought of.

1) Social media profiles that are visually attractive. This does not just mean radndom images, im talking about images that fit the frame of the page. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a zoomed in screen shot of a image or vise versa.

2) Parcipate on social media sites. Uploading good qualtie information which includes yourself/product, Industry/news, General/Fun. Rememeber imagers, Videos and articles/blogs rank higher.

3) Opptimised for search (SEO). Depeding on who your audience is use keywords to make it easier for them to find YOU! A great example of this would be: MLM | NETWORK MARKETING | HOME BASED BUSINESS. If anyone types those into social media then you will come up.

4) Include social sharing buttons that people in my target audience tend to use. A great example of this would be twitter and using hashtags to find your target auidence or engage in conversations.

This may seem obvious but ive seen so many people miss out the basics with social media and go into depth like paid advertising when they have no audience to begin with. If you make these 4 points the best they can be then you will be getting more traffic and brand awerness.

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Posted 9:04 AM Fri 26 September 2014

Awesome Advice My Friend! I agree with all points.. Just reach out and make friends, after all it is called "SOCIAL" for a reason Right?? Thanks for sharing..Chery :))

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Posted 9:30 AM Fri 26 September 2014
Thanks Chery