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Looking for custom software development company
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Posted 2:22 AM Fri 16 March 2018
Could you please share some experience in choosing developers? I'm going to make a website and a mobile app. What are general tricks, prices, etc...
Could you share some guide to read, please?

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Posted 7:37 AM Fri 16 March 2018
I dunno.
Hire some Indians if you're in lack of investments or personal money, whatever you have for your project.
If you're in possession of some budget, look for American developers. The East-European option is teetering between cost and value packs
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Posted 10:14 AM Fri 16 March 2018

Hey! Thank Etha
I've found the article
If you find something please share

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Posted 12:35 PM Tue 17 April 2018

Unlike similar forum packages such as phpBB and SMF, vBulletin is not open-source or free. Instead, it is a commercial program that requires you to purchase a license in order to use the product.

However, the software is priced reasonably, and considering all the value it delivers, the investment is worth every penny. Similar to open-source platforms, vBulletin is modular in design, which allows for the implementation of third-party components that can be added to the core to extend functionality. These plug-ins come in the form of free and paid extensions that give you the ability to enhance your forum with features your community of users will appreciate.