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"Branding Yourself" Add your NAME &
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Posted 9:19 AM Sat 11 December 2010
"Branding Yourself" | Add your NAME & LINK! | By Dale Werner

"Branding Yourself" | Add your NAME & LINK! | By Dale Werner

Hello, Today we are going to be talking about "Branding Yourself".
If you have been in any form of online marketing you have heard the term "Branding Yourself" So what is this all about? Imagine if you were coming out with a hot new product that will change the world. Say for example it is a new refrigerator that uses one third the energy that most other refrigerators use. That's Great! This new product is going to sell millions. It will be the new breakthrough item that is a must have in every new home.OK, so we have the product. Now we have to NAME it or "Brand" it. Well the same goes for YOU. You have to "Brand Yourself" so that you stand out as a leader. As a person who knows how to get things done. Someone that people will want to follow!
You need to get your name or product name out there so people know you exist!

Cattlemen have been "Branding" cattle for hundreds of years. They take a red hot iron that has been shaped into the name or logo of their ranch and literally burn into the cattle's hide the image, name or logo.
That way when anyone sees that cattle they know it is from that ranch. This makes them stand out from the rest.

The same goes for your product or YOU. You need to name it and brand it or burn it into your prospects minds. Choose a name that is easy to remember. This goes double when purchasing a domain name. Something catchey. Something short. Use this URL in all of your articles, videos and correspondence. I see many articles, good articles when no name on them. The article has a lot of great information but no signature. And no URL. Not only do people not know who wrote this great information but they have no way to get to your website. Without a name and or URL attached to your articles and videos, there is no way that people can join you in your business opportunity or buy your products or service.

A Photograph is also an excellent way to "Brand Yourself". Use the same photograph in all of your marketing efforts. We think in pictures. When I say the words big dog, you see a picture in your mind of a big dog. Not the words big dog. When you add a photo of your product or of yourself, people will start to remember you. They might not recall your name right away but they will recognise you. Your image is burned or branded into your prospects mind!

For more help marketing yourself on or offline click here.

Until Next Time, All The Best! Dale Werne

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Posted 10:15 AM Sun 2 January 2011

Great post, Dale! Extending your brand reach truly is so critical in marketing, and you said it so well. I too have seen many posts, even on MLMSocial, from members who leave off their critical contact info. Ironically, I would post a signature here, but I have nothing to promote right now as I am in between MLM's... but I will as soon as MLMSocial launches their new MLM! I am also looking forward to the addition of signatures to the Forums, as they announced in their New Years email. This will also help those who post and forget to leave thier info, or for people like me who are just lazy. LOL

Thanks again for this great info, Dale!

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Posted 11:15 AM Thu 6 January 2011
Branding is such a huge part of marketing your business today that it is virtually impossible to market yourself without creating a marketing brand around your company and yourself. I would also add that every article needs a tag line, action, or some distinguishing text separating you from the rest.
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Posted 5:05 PM Thu 20 January 2011
Another thing to keep in mind is, do a bit of looking around at your brand. What is the perception of your brand? What are people saying about you. This may be difficult to determine sometimes, but if you don't look you'll never know. I see people all the time who are promoting heavily, and think they are doing great. What they don't realize is, people see through the garbage they are promoting. People who are promoting a different program every week or two are getting similar results. Use Sweeva and see what people are saying. Most comments are useless, but there are some of us who are trying to comment more and add value with our comments.
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