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When should I quit my job and become networker?
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Posted 3:26 PM Mon 8 November 2010

One of the biggest reasons people join network marketing is because they hate their jobs.

Their goal is to earn enough money so they can afford to leave their present employment. Will that give them financial security? Probably not.

For example, let's say that John earns $2,500 a month. That $2,500 a month pays the expenses for John and his family. While he is building his networking business, his part-time checks of $1,000 per month represent extra income that is not required to cover their personal overhead.

It's unencumbered money. That extra $1,000 a month could buy trips, nice cars, fun times, pay off debts, or could be saved for retirement or invested for financial security. Life is good with extra cash to spend as you wish.

But what happens when John's network marketing check reaches $2,500 a month?

He quits his job. Now John's $2,500 a month network marketing check pays the expenses for John and his family. There is no extra cash or fun money. The budget is tight. John sweats his sales volume every month hoping his check won't drop to $2,300.

See the difference?

The successful networkers I know keep their job and invest their network marketing check. After a few years they are totally financially independent because of their investments.

Then, they quit their job. Their investments pay the monthly expenses while their networking checks are spent on vacations and other fun activities.

"Nothing magical happens when you quit your job except that your income disappears." -- Art Spikol

"Since I quit my j-o-b, I sleep like a baby. Every three hours I get up and cry." -- Anonymous Distributor

Something to consider.

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Posted 12:36 AM Sun 26 December 2010
That is exactly why due diligence should be done when picking an network marketing company to join. I'm not just talking about whether or not the company is legit, although that is important, I'm also talking about whether the business model of the Network Marketing company has the business model that is right for you.

This includes the compensation plan, the training courses provided by the company to help their distributors do well and the upline support. All three have to be present and have to be a good fit for you in order for a company to be the right one to join.
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Posted 2:16 PM Sat 5 February 2011
I have always used the rule of thumb that if you are making double your regular income with your network marketing activities then you are probably safe to go full time.

Another strategy would be to keep the job long enough to pay off all of your bills before going full time. Then you will not have the stress of 'having' to make the sale to pay the rent.

Allen Daniels
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Posted 2:50 AM Mon 7 February 2011

I think a successful networker should keep his actual job and invest his network marketing checks. Once the investments can pay his expences for at least one year, he could then go full time.

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Posted 10:04 PM Fri 30 September 2011

Recently listened to a Jim Rohn message where he discussed this topic.. He said that he wish he never had to quit working full time. Here is why... You see when you are working full time on your income and part time on your profits you can create a story. A story about life style changes..

I have quit my job before and went full time for several years in the industry. Don't think I would of had it any other way the only thing was that I was not disciplined enough to make it stick. Also I had all my eggs in one basket.

Lets continue with what I learned from Jim Rohn. When you can help people get to the majic level of making $300 per month they will stay. When you are making $1000 per month you will be able to start making some lifestyle changes and people will start asking you about " What you are doing. " and you say ..

Well I found a way to make some money part time that allows me to go on vacations... pay for my toys.. be debt free.. etc. and they will ask YOU what it is.. This gives you a seg way into your invite to look. Now when you get to the point to where you are making as much part-time in profits from your business as you are at your income..Your story just got better didn't it..


When you are making twice as much as you are making per month on your business as your income from your day job you can reluctantly quit. I suggest you have a have a limo pick you up from work and wisk you away to the airport to take your trip to visit with your down line and let it be all tax deductible business expense from there on out..

DO THIS RELUCTANTLY however because you have just lost your good story .. " I am making twice as much in profits part-time from my business as I am from my income at work this allows me to live the lifestyle that others only dream of want to know how I did it?"

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Posted 12:34 PM Fri 7 October 2011
This is a good one bro. I suggest that before a networker quits his job, he must be consistently making a fulltime income in his network marketing for 3 - 4 months consistently. The reason why I suggest this is because most networkers will quit their job when they got their first few thousand dollars when they are new.

The reason why some networkers will make big bucks quick is because of their network marketing bonus and if that bonus is over their check will decline.

This is a nice article my friend.

Have a great day and God bless you

- Ian Valeza
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Posted 6:33 PM Mon 30 January 2012
There is some good advice here, thanks for leading people in the right direction. Its good to be part of a group whom look after their own.
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Posted 10:42 AM Sat 29 December 2012

Great topic, Great Advice. I'm at at spot now, staring at checks and knowing it's all unencumbered money (love that phrase!) but if I quit the job, the stress would be unbearable.I'll get to double, pay off what little debt I have, and take it from there.-Jon Patrick