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Is There A Perfect MLM? Maybe Not...But What If..
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Posted 6:51 PM Wed 20 September 2017

there was an MLM where no one quits, everyone makes money with no monthly cost or fees.

I left the MLM industry several years ago to daytrade forex with my son. Today I live full time from forex returns and have a lot of free time on my hands since I let my son take over all the trading (he’s better at it than I am). I was looking for ways to diversify in the trading space and came across several companies that trade crypto currency for individuals. I was intrigued.

As a trader I was skeptical about the returns that most of these companies were promoting, so I looked into many of them and found most of them were crappy scams. Eventually I selected 3 that I was certain were providing realistic returns only after I determined what their ACTUAL returns were.

I was only focused on promoting these companies to other traders and people interested in trading, but last night it hit me.

These companies eliminate a lot of issues people complain about with our Beloved MLMs, like:

1. High initial start-up cost.

2. High monthly autoship, website or tools cost.

3. People drop out faster than they can build.

4. People have trouble referring distributors.

5. Can’t make money unless they sponsor someone.

6. Nearly impossible to get customers and keep them on the product or service. (This one brought the regulators on the back of a company I had over 12,000 people in. Lost a $20-40k monthly income overnight.) This is one of the main reasons I’m in forex today.

7. Tons of MLM’s promoting the same things.

I could go on, but I think you understand.

I think MLMers and people looking for the best opportunity to succeed would like a company that has:

1. Free to join (then get started with a small amount you decide to have traded for you.)

2. No monthly autoship, website or tools cost

3. People never drop out. (You can refer 80-90% less people to develop the same size team.)

4. You NEVER have to refer anyone to have a growing weekly, monthly, yearly income.

5. You can make money without EVER sponsoring anyone.

6. Customers - much easier to get people who are happy to earn without ever referring anyone.

7. Only a small amount of companies competing in the 8 years old crypto market space. (I’m in 3 companies since I earn whether I refer anyone or not and I’m a firm believer in diversification.)

The possible downside to these companies is the traders could lose some months, but they’ve been consistently profitable since some crypto currencies are up as much as 1,000% percent in the last year and Bitcoin is up over 400% this year (oct 2017). And they do have put parameters in place to protect us. Similar to the way we protect our forex capital.

I love the MLM industry. I really enjoy seeing someone with a dream start to pay down debt, relieve stress and thank me for helping them. But I don’t think I would have come back to the industry without a passive income trading component. I’m happy seeing more people succeed. There are many great MLM companies out there and if you’re in one that’s great. Work smart as well as hard and you should do well. But if your open to new ideas, I believe Crypto trading companies are a great option.


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Posted 5:24 AM Fri 8 December 2017
Yes! Network marketing is perfect for whom people who are thinking big and wants the luxury lifestyle.Work smart as well as hard and you should do well. But if your open to new ideas, I believe MLMs are a great option.
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Posted 2:47 AM Wed 15 January 2020

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