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What is your favorite SEO strategy?
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Posted 9:15 AM Sun 17 April 2011

Kind of curious what people use to get more SEO juice. I like to find blog posts that match with less used keywords. What do you to get more search traffic?

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Posted 8:45 PM Tue 19 June 2012
I would like to know this too! Do you pay someone to do your SEO or is it fairly easy to do?

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Posted 6:28 AM Wed 12 September 2012

I know this is a little delayed, but feel free to check my blog for some suggestions on SEO.

When I wrote this post I was first learning about SEO.
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Posted 4:17 AM Thu 31 January 2013

I use this Free 15 Minute Video Reveals How an Old SEO Wizard Will Grant You the Powers to Print Cash Whenever You Want by Using a Simple, Proprietary, Proven 'SEO System' that FORCES Google to Give You First Page Rankings Fast:
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Posted 3:53 PM Sun 31 March 2013
I am joining surfbars to get more traffic in exchange for seeing ads of another people. The advantage from this that people see your site and will maybe register.
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Posted 9:18 AM Mon 6 May 2013
If you're blogging and using wordpress, go get Yoast SEO plugin. It is like having an seo expert looking over your shoulder.
Also, if you haven't started blogging, you should, and fantastic platforms like Empower Network have a built-in SEO tool to guide you.
PM me with questions!
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Posted 1:56 AM Mon 16 December 2019

All off page techniques are my favorite SEO strategy
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