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  Our Customers  

Guaranteed Visitors to Your Web Site!
10,000 Visitors to YOUR web site
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This is REAL Web Site traffic!
We place Real Buyers in front of your web site.

WePlace Real People to Your Web Site!

We've developed a marketing system that WILL Explode your business!

How it Works:
We have an enormous network of domains. When you place an order with us, "YOUR WEB SITE"
is plugged into our system.

Our "targeted" traffic is re-routed to YOUR site!

We use full page pop under windows via expired domains, targeted websites and redirected search engine listings, from our TARGETED network. We plug your site into our MASSIVE Network of contributing traffic sources and our traffic is diverted to YOUR web site!

Someone visits a search engine and performs a keyword search for business opportunity (or any targeted keyword).
When the engine displays the list of suitable web sites, some of those listings will belong to websites in OUR NETWORK!
The surfer clicks on the listing and we load YOUR WEBSITE!

This goes for any business you're promoting. We have dozens of categories.

Don't even think about using any other method of traffic delivery other than ours. You're just throwing your money away. 

Purchase our traffic and watch your earnings Skyrocket!

Get started today! 
Your traffic will begin within 24 hours!

Includes "real time" statistics panel.
View your campaign progress at any time.

Targeted Traffic!
If you sell vitamins, we send people to your site who want vitamins.
If you sell insurance, we send people to your site interested in insurance.
If you're offering a Work at Home opportunity, we target Work at Home Enthusiasts!

We have DOZENS of Targeted Categories!
We can target ANY business category! 

We review your site and match the category for you!
(We handle this on OUR end)

All orders are automatically targeted USA unless you state otherwise. 
We can also target by region.... Combo USA/Canada or Worldwide, if you prefer.
**Mlm category blankets all Work at Home, Income opps, Home Based businesses etc.

Mlm Programs
Business Opportunities
Work at Home
Money Making
Gift Items
Computer Hardware
Hosting/Web Design
Isp Services
Vitamins & Health
Sporting Goods
Cell Phones
Credit Cards/Repair

Have any doubts? Look who is advertising with us.
Our Customers!

Order 10,000 Guaranteed Visitors!

By ordering you acknowledge you have read & agreed to our Terms and Acceptable Use.


Buy 10,000 Visitors for only $199

We will obtain your web site url (address) during the order process.

We'll personally review your site and match the category for you.
No need for you to worry about the targeting, we handle this on our end. Your order will be processed immediately  Your traffic begins within 24 hours and is typically fulfilled within 60 days.

To pay by check or money order: Send payment to:  Consumer Awareness Products,  1358 Hooper Ave.
Suite 312 Toms River NJ 08753  Include Name, Email, Site URL and service you ordered.

Free Money Machine Report!

Free Report
Money Machine!

I Rake in $1,000's Weekly with this - So can You!

First name:
Email Address: 

(Use your Primary address. Do NOT use a junk email, this is NOT a junk product.) Your privacy is protected. You will
not receive any advertisements, just the Free Money Machine report series.


Solo Ad Advertising!
"Mailbox Money News" 

We Advertise for Everyone - Click Here to see Sample ads

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See List of our Customers

All the top marketers run Solo Ezine Ads
We'll run your solo ad to our list & explode your business!

Solo Advertising!
Reach 500,000+ Total Subscribers!

You just send us the basic idea of your ad and we take it from there. 
We'll add compelling text,  images, color, & special font to ensure your ad produces the results you're looking for.

Nobody compares to us when it comes to Solo Ad advertising. 
Our List has taken over TWELVE YEARS to build! Our list is huge, effective 
and impossible to overuse! Continuously updated with new names added DAILY!

Campaigns begin within 24 hours!
Immediate Results!

100% Spam Free - 100% Risk Free - 100% Opt-In List!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you're not satisfied with the results, we'll re-run your ad for FREE!

We are not sending to harvested addresses or sending counter replies to link site postings.
We send to REAL people. Actual READERS!

Our list can NOT be over worked. 
It's too big. We add fresh prospects all day long. You could run your ad 
over and over again and still receive the same effectiveness with each mailing!

In fact, by the time one prospect is removed from our list we've most likely added 
two new prospects to the list.

We add red hot new prospects to our list EVERY 15 MINUTES, 
24 hours a day!

Here's an Example of How we Build our List!

We clean our database "multiple times" per day. 
Undeliverable addresses are instantly removed and new names are added. 

Your Advertisement is delivered all by itself (with NO other ads). 
It reaches our enormous database of Active Entrepreneurs and proven product buyers!

Our Silver Package! Only $149.00

We send your solo ad to 157,000 readers. This equates to half of our database.

Our Gold Package! Only $199.00

We send your solo ad to 300,011 Readers! This is our entire Mailbox Money News database, which took us over NINE years to build.

Our Platinum Package! Only $299.00

Reaches 500,000 Readers .... TWICE! That's ONE MILLION emails sent! .... and it gets even better! You'll also receive 1,000 Standard Guaranteed Visitors
Plus 1,000 Guaranteed "30 second" visitors!*
* Visitors must stay on your site for at least 30 seconds or we won't count it as a hit.
In addition, every visitor is a certified credit card & bank account holder.

Order a Solo Ad and Watch your business Explode!
Real Exposure! Real Sales for your Business!

Have any doubts? Look who is advertising with us.
Our Customers!

Order Your Solo Ad Package!

Your ad copy will be obtained during the checkout process.  We'll use your exact ad copy or just give us your url &  we'll take it from there. We'll create the ad with compelling text, color, images, highlights etc.

By ordering you acknowledge you have read & agreed to our Terms and Acceptable Use

You will receive complete order details including a Copy of your Ad and a Stat panel for your Standard Guaranteed Visitors within 48 hours of your purchase.  (There is no stat panel on the 30 sec visitors)

*HOT Silver Package!

Reach 157,000 Readers!

This reaches half our database. Over 157,011 total Readers.
3 different lists.

*HOT Gold Package!
Only $199.00

Reach 300,011 Readers!

This reaches our entire database. Over 300,000 total readers.
3 different lists.

*HOT Platinum Package!
Only $299.00  

 Reach 500,000+ Readers!
We send it 2 times totaling 1Million emails delivered!... PLUS 
1,000 Standard Guaranteed Visitors and 1,000 "30 second" Visitors!

Platinum Package is sent to 500,00 TWICE. Over 1 Million total messages delivered!
Plus...1,000 "30 second" Guaranteed Visitors!  (where the visitor must stay on your site for at least 30 seconds) or we won't count it as a hit!  Every visitor has a bank and credit card account! This traffic delivery method is RED-HOT!

Free            Money Machine Report!

Free Report
Money Machine!

I Rake in $1,000's Weekly with this - So can You!

First name:
Email Address: 

(Use your Primary address. Do NOT use a junk email, this is NOT a junk product.) Your privacy is protected. You will
not receive any advertisements, just the Free Money Machine report series.

We saved the BEST for Last!
Read about this Advertising package below. It's INSANE!

Ultimate Advertising Package!
 The most effective advertising package on the Internet!
Ultimate Advertising Package!
Click Here to see Sample ads. | See a List of our Customers!
Here's an Example of How we Build our List!

You get Everything below at ONE SUPER
You'll receive all the advertising below for only $299.00

That's over $1,000 worth of Advertising for only $299.00

"Nothing compares to this advertising package"
It is the perfect advertising weapon!
Network of Domains
Rake in Sales with our Targeted Ultimate Ad package!... it's NUTS!!

Here's What you'll Receive:

Solo Ad delivered to our ENTIRE DATABASE of 500,000+ Prospects!
Contact Solo Ad to 315 Lists reaching 227,050 readers!
Classified Ad to 2,318 Safelists!
1,000 Re-directed Guaranteed Visitors!
1,000 (30 second) Guaranteed Visitors!
Follow Up Magic!  375 "exclusive" Prospects sent daily correspondence about your business!

About our Amazing Follow Up Magic!
375  exclusive prospects are sent daily emails directing them to YOUR business! We create the ad copy, load 375  exclusive prospects into our special responder software and we then send them DAILY follow-up on your behalf for 100 Days!
(powered by 4 dedicated servers!!)

This package in greater detail...

Solo Ad Blast to 500,000 Readers!

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