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Created: 1 year(s) ago
Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in #bitcoin mining and #investocoin

The company’s name which brings to us all the concept of investocoin is Bitcoins Innovations (UK) Ltd. The company is a London based registered organisation. The registration number with which the company is registered in ‘Company House’ or MCA of London is 09221740, with this registration number in Google you can get entire details about the company and the Director of the company. The owner or director of the company is Mr.Daniel Fraser John O'DONOGHUE , he is also the owner of 51 other companies, which means its a big global business. The company is into mining from year 2014.

The company is planning to do mining in 5 different cryptocurrency, hence the project is good and going to be awesome.

Now the plans are :-

Plan Options Cost in Bitcoins Capping Bitcoins Daily Return Validity  (Business Days) Bonus Binary
Try 0.01 0.02 1.7% 106 2%
Satisfied 0.10 0.10 1.7% 110 4%
Upgrade 0.50 0.25 1.7% 120 10%
Boom 1 0.40 1.7% 130 10%
Rich 3 0.75 1.7% 140 10%

Rules for earning :-
Same email ID can have only 3 registrations
Capping is based on Plan a member chooses
Minimum withdrawal is 0.01 BTC & Maximum withdrawal is 0.50 BTC
Same ID can be retopped multiple times
Withdrawal timing is 12:00 to 14:00 Hours BST which means Indian Timing [IST] 1630 to 1830 that is 04:30 PM to 06:30 PM
Daily cut off at 0530 BST which means IST 10:00 AM
Bonus Binary can only be used for pin purchase.
50% of the accumulated points can be used for new pin purchase.
1 BTC address can withdraw one in a day
ID to ID transfer only possible if the email ID is same in both. Different email ID transfer would transfer BTC to Bonus Binary wallet only.
Automatic Growth Credit System (AGCS) happens at midnight once everyday.
Same BTC address can be used in maximum 3 registrations.
For bonus binary eligibility a member has to add left and right within 72 hours.

Earning :-

1.Binary :- Binary is 10% in the ratio of 1:1
2.Referral :- Referrals or Direct are classified in 4 ways, to give maximum returns to the members.
1st Level - 5%
2nd Level - 1%
3rd Level to 5th Level - 0.5%
6th Level to 16th Level - 0.25%
3.Bonus Binary
Bonus Binary - A new concept launched by #investocoin is wherein all the btc which the company receives as flush from its members, the company would share a part or portion of it as Bonus Binary to its members, where the members with Rich would be given maximum and the try would receive minimum. This Bonus Binary (BB) is only useful for buying new codes with half wallet as an option.