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In SEO, building back-links is important to ranking at the top of Google.

However, your website's internal links also helps boost your rankings and they are the easiest links to get because you have control over them.

Internal Links are links from one page on your website to another page on your website. Captivate Designs is one of the best SEO companies for small business in New York. In our SEO services you can get one high quality internal links for your website.

Internal links benefits your website several ways:

  • They provide a good user experience by helping users navigate from one page on your website to another
  • They help increase the time spent on your website, a google ranking signal when you use it to link to other related content
  • They help build topical relevance and strengthen your site's authority when you link similar topics to each other
  • Most importantly, they help pass value (link juice) to the other pages that they are linked to, helping to lift that page higher in the search engine rankings.

How to use internal linking to improve your website's SEO?

  • Ensure your website is setup in Google Search Console
  • Login to your Google Search Console Account
  • Go to the Dashboard
  • Click on Search Traffic on the Left Side Bar
  • Next click on Internal Links
  • Once you're there, you will see a list of your website pages.
  • At the top next to Find Internal Links to Enter each page on your website to find out how many internal links each page has
  • For pages that have fewer links than the actual number of your website, you will want to create internal links from other pages on your website to those pages. For e.g. If your website have 10 pages and you click on each page and they only have 2 internal links then you have the possibility to gain 8 more, so link to that page from the other pages on your website that's not currently linking to it.

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