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 The online marketing community has been waiting for IM Tool Suite for a long time. Network Marketers are dying, and it has a lot to do with all the extra cost involved with running their business online. Combine that with the 10 "guru" launches that happen every week with a hundred new worthless strategies that will never be able to compete with good old fashioned hand shaking. IM Tool suite was created to solve that problem for you, and over the next 2 minutes I'm going to break down exactly what you get inside IM Tool Suite.

The IM Tool Suite was created by Cedrick Harris, Jim Chao, and Kenny Gregg. Their goal was to create the first all-in-one IM Marketing suite that included all the tools every marketer needs to use in their business every day to reach their highest potential. To see a full list of the features in the IM Tool Suite, read down the page.

Custom Capture Pages - The first thing that stood out to me in this quite of products was the capture page creator, you are able to full customize every piece of the page and they integrate with aweber. The pages are direct response style and you are able to edit text, add video, images, and tracking.

Conference Room - Holds up to 250 people, easy screen sharing, text chat, live video stream, whiteboard, file sharing, and pretty much every other bell or whistle you could want in a webinar room.

Video Emails - Video email is the way of the future and if you don't jump on the train now, you're going to get left in the dust. This video email system is unlike any other, it includes pre-made templates and a full customizable template as well. Another major difference between this system and all the other ones out there is, these emails will actually hit your inbox because the template is not displayed until AFTER they click on your video email.

Voice/Text Cell Phone Broadcaster - Being able to reach your prospects via cell phone is the future of followup. With the IM Tool Suite system you are able to instantly send your new prospects a text or voice message whenever you like and on complete autopilot.

Email Autoresponder- The IM Tool Suite Autoresponder is included with the service and allows you to have unlimited contacts, unlimited campaigns, you can create message templates, and it has a complete tracking system built in so you will always know how many opens and clicks you are getting from your emails.

The Contact Manager - This allows you to keep detailed notes on each prospect you have, send personal messages, and set up automated followup reminders for yourself.

Live Video Greeter - This will allow your prospects to connect with you live, directly from your capture page or leave a message in your email that says they would like to chat with you live.

Online Signature Creator - This is not like some of the other signature creators around, they all can help you create a custom signature with text, images, and links, but this one has something special. It has tracking, and as a marketer that was always one thing that was missing. Being able to track all the clicks you are getting on your links will let you know which ones are bringing in the most money.

Facebook Greeter - This is the best Facebook Greeter I have seen online. (most of them flat-out don't work) Using this tool, every facebook friend you confirm will automatically get a message on their wall. I know this tool alone is going to save me at least 30 minutes of tedious work per day.

QR Code Generator - This tool works hand-in-hand with the live video greeter, it can be put on any website and will instantly initiate a live chat session when your prospect scans it. This is another "new age" smart phone marketing tactic that is catching on very quickly and keeps you right in your prospects hands where they can't ignore you.

Extensive Digital Library - A huge library of videos, ebooks, software, and other PLR products that you can learn from and give away to your prospects as gifts.

Vid Hosting Online Account - This will allow you to upload and stream videos from your own server and on your own websites so you don't have to worry about companies like google distracting your prospects with all their related videos and ad's. This bonus alone is worth $40 a month, and I was paying it before I got this tool.Make sure to place your "exact" desired keyword phrase within your first paragraph.

If you would like a demo or more info either click on the banner below or me Brian call 657-204-6249 or go to



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