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Direct selling is a successful business model with distributors as their important part. As the market is constantly changing, the direct selling companies must find new ways to help distributors increase their customer acquisition and selling skills. A variety of sales enablement tools should be provided for the distributors to sell more effectively, enhance their productivity effectively, and also enhance the entire customer experience. 

An innovative CRM tool is essential for the distributors. Automated lead generation provides a list of potential sales opportunities that the distributor can then use to identify authentic prospects and pursue them more quickly. These customer relationship management platforms also help distributors collaborate with other teams in order to better serve their customers' needs across the entire customer lifecycle.

An average consumer is spending more time on social media, which makes it the perfect place to prospect new customers. Direct selling companies can identify ideal customer profiles and their behavior through social prospecting tools. It also helps you formulate messages that are automated to send out when these customers show engagement with your posts. Identify the right influencers and brand mentions across all social media channels, in order to make sure you're reaching the right people at the right time.

Live chat is a must-have for direct selling businesses. In this digital era, people are spending more time on the internet than in real life so live chat can be a bridge between these distributors and customers. Chatbots acts as a two-way source to build your brand trust—for distributors to connect with you whenever they need support and for your prospects to connect with your distributors to raise queries, concerns, and for faster issue resolutions.





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